Whippersnapper TPA3110D2 (Sold to Dean in Lowell, Massachussetts)

This little whippersnapper of an amp consists of a Hammond aluminum octagonal enclosure, maple veneer top plate, Sure Electronics TPA3110D2 board, gold plated binding posts, dc connector, Alpha 100K volume pot, gold plated RCA's, sorbothane isolation pads and nylon volume knob.   It is about the size of a compact disc.  Power is drawn from a 12 Volt external AC/DC power supply.  No power switch?  Nope, it draws about the same amount of juice as that annoying alarm clock of yours.  Leave it on, or if you are really obsessive, unplug it.  Its small, simple  Love it or hate it, it won't be confused with a "made in you know where" TPA3110.  

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