6N3 Tube Matisse Preamp Kit (Sold to Colleen in Darnestown, MD)

 I purchased this popular Matisse circuit 6N3 tube preamp kit on Ebay to see if it was worth a darn.   I'm a sucker for inexpensive kits that have halfway decent user reports on the diy audio forums.  Well, this one is definitely worth the price of the admission.  I'm certain this might be one of the least expensive tube preamp kits that is dead quiet and adds some tube warmth without completely ruining everything else. Perfect for some tube warmth with the bonus of some extra gain.  Make that 1982 Technics, bought at a garage sale, receiver sound like tubes!  Green LED's under the tubes add some wicked lighting effects that even Pink Floyd might envy.  I added a IEC with built in filtration.  Vintage style toggle switch and fuse all in a black powder coated chassis.  It's solid and quite heavy with the power transformer inside.   I'll sell this for $100 plus shipping.  Send me an e-mail to the address listed to the right if interested.

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