"Soultrane" TPA3118D2 (Sold to Hugo L. of Greer, South Carolina)

Features include a high powered R core transformer, Nichicon Fine Gold power supply filtering caps, two inputs, 26ga. twisted, teflon insulated, solid copper signal wire, Kimber TCSS teflon insulated output wire and for those carbon pot loving audiophiles, an Alph carbon volume pot.  The binding posts are machined copper, gold plated with polycarbonate insulators.
25 gorgeous watts per channel.

"Waring" TPA3116D2 with Dueland cotton/copper wire (Sold to Thomas K. in Katy, Texas)

This build features a EI transformer, known for it's great line filtering properties.
Elna Silmic II & Panasonic FC power supply capacitors.  Alps Blue Velvet volume pot for silky smooth rotation & sound.  Output wire from the neoprene vibration isolated amplifier circuit board to the binding posts is the new 18ga. Dueland oil impregnated cotton, tinned copper wire.  This wire was created by Dueland to emulate the wildly popular Western Electric cotton insulated, tinned copper wire of days gone by.  Input signal wiring is Belden Brilliance, fully shielded copper.
Binding posts are WBT style premium gold plated machined brass.
25 watts per channel into 4 ohms.

Owner comments after receiving the amp:
I bought your amp for a couple of reasons ... first, I was very curious about Class D amplification having never heard one .... 2ndly, I wanted a couple of alternatives to my Triode TRV-A300SE Integrated .... an excellent integrated itself (w/Gold Lion 300B output tubes). This is part of a home-office system that uses my PC as the source and via USB cable feeds a Chord Electronics QX (British version) DAC with it's own linear power supply .... this drives my beautiful Antero bookshelf speakers.
I gotta say, your Waring, is simply impressive. It's detail & transparency, surprisingly are BETTER than the Triode and that's saying something ... bass extension is very good and tight ................ sonics can be just a bit brassy at higher volumes .... but @ the 10 o'clock position, volume is quite LOUD. I have a list of reference recordings I've used for a number of years .... recordings that I know, and your integrated plays them all very well with a fairly broad stage ..... and for the money, I'd say your Integrated is exceptional. I'll become one of your greatest advocates .... I've got several audiophile friends and you can bet they'll be informed. Not sure if that'll transform into purchases, but I'll let 'em know.

ESS Technology ES9028PRO DAC (Sold to Mark of Woodridge, IL)

SPDIF/Coaxial input only.  Top of the line ES9028PRO DAC chip with unreal signal to noise levels.
Please do some reading on the 9028PRO for additional details on it's design and development.
24/196 via digital coaxial input.  I use a M2Tech converter for USB input.   Unbalanced and balanced outputs.   Enclosure is generic "Breeze Audio", but is made for this new 9028 board.  I've done the work assembling this DAC using a high quality pre-stuffed circuit board,  R core transformer and  gold plated Neutrik hardware.  This might be the least expensive, plug and play 9028PRO on the market at the moment.  This DAC sounds gorgeous, with tons of heft in the bass.
Extremely pure, black backgrounds.  8 selectable filters and + - gain on the front panel.
High quality parts used in this build, including Nichicon capacitors and a R core transformer.
LED display is bright blue in color.  (not lit in photographs)

"Cello Suite" TPA3118D2 (Sold to Jeff S. of Statesboro, GA)

TPA3118D2 2x15 watts into 8 ohms.
Alps Blue Velvet Volume pot.  HEXFRED bridge rectifier with Elna Silmic II smoothing capacitors.
Capacitance multiplier.   Gold plated RCA connectors, binding posts and IEC inlet with fuse.  
 R core transformer, Dueland cotton insulated output wire.