TPA3116 Steampunked (Sold to John in Schertz, Texas)

I have an affinity for Steampunk Art. I came across some cool faux gauges geared toward the Steampunk movement from
The chip inside this Hammond aluminum chassis is the TPA 3116 good for about 30 watts per channel.   An external Alpha 100K volume pot, gold plated RCA's and five way, gold plated binding posts were used.  The finish is a hammered black enamel with solid copper tacks.  The power switch and knob are copper enameled aluminum.  


TS said...

It's awesome! Too bad the meter doesn't do something. It has an oiled brass look to it.

Fleawatt said...

I agree, it would be nice if it were functional. But, finding a functioning meter with this type of look is nearly impossible. I've used functioning meters in numerous other builds.


I have used truck bed liner in a spray can for the black finishes, and you might like to try it. The copper is such a cool idea.