Jonah Jones TPA3116D2 (Sold to Vijay S. of Reston, Virginia)

I named this amp after one of my favorite jazz trumpeters.   If you've never heard of Jonah Jones, cue some up and give him a listen! 
Black textured die-cast aluminum chassis.  Yuan Jing "Blue/Black" circuit board with Nichicon power supply capacitors.   Brass accents give this one some class...just like Jonah.
Includes a 12V/5amp external power supply or 24V/5A supply for an additional cost.

Basically Brushed TPA3116D2 (Sold to Mike O. of Toronto, Ontario Canada)

Equipped with the Yuan Jing "Blue/Black" TPA3116 circuit board.
Clear coated, basic brushed die-cast aluminum chassis.  Less expensive hardware & finish allows one to taste the
much written about YJ "Blue/Black" on a budget.  Includes a 12V/5A external power supply or for an additional cost, a 24V/5A power supply.