1949 GE Milligauss Meter TPA3116D2 (Sold to Frank in Streetsboro, Ohio)

1949 Vintage operational Bakelite General Electric United States Navy marked milligauss meter.  Needle sweeps to +20 milligauss on power up.  This is a very unique, hard to find vintage meter.   Die-cast aluminum chassis finished in a hammered silver enamel.  Vintage style power switch and reproduction bakelite volume knob.    Gold plated five-way binding posts & gold plated RCA connectors.   Power is made by the Yuan-Jing "blue/black board" TI TPA3116D2.   A 12 volt/5amp external power supply is included.  Internal signal wiring is Belden shielded stranded copper.  Output wiring is twisted, teflon insulated solid core copper.

Fleawatt "Bare Bones" TPA3122 (Sold to Michael G. of Perrysburg, OH)

Bare Aluminum Enclosure.  High quality nickel plated solid brass binding posts.  Modern analog panel meter shows DC power supply voltage.  TPA3122 amplifier with upgraded power supply & output filter capacitors.