Robbie's Amp

After the hardware has been mounted, it's time to string it all together.  I use twisted Cat5e wire for the signals and twisted 18gauge solid core copper for the power supply wiring.
One input means no switches and an ultra pure signal path.

Cigar Box Boozehound Labs Phono Preamp

This phono preamplifier was built using a Boozehound Labs phono preamplifier kit.
The capacitors used in this kit are all Russian paper in oil caps.  The preamp calls for a 24 volt power supply, so it can be run from two 12 volt SLA's in series.  

Fleawatt Whimsical Atomic Class D Amplifier

This is part whimsical sculpture and part audiophile amplifier.  Many recycled parts were used in this amplifier, including a tin can, two crossover inductors, used CO2 cartridges, a hard drive part, copper tubing, vintage functioning Triplett panel meter and solid brass needle valves.  The glass "atomic" beads were hand made by my sister-in-law who makes lampwork beads in her home studio.  The amplifier is a battery powered, Class D, TPA3110 that makes 5 watts.

Frugal Horn Sachiko with Fostex 206ESR

I built this pair of Frugal Horn Sachikos around 2006.  This was one of two pair that I built.
This pair was made from Birch ply are equipped with a Fostex Special Edition 206 driver.  The magnet on these drivers is nearly the same dimension as the cone.  Giant.  They are rated at 98db.  
This pair now resides in a friend's home and are still playing sweet music.