"Nakai" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Timothy S. of Bella Vista, Arkansas)

YJ Blue Black circuit board with quality Nichicon brand power supply capacitors.
Precision Electronic Corporation carbon volume pot.  Connex machined brass, gold plated binding posts.  Textured black finish with faux bakelite knob.  Kimber TCSS high purity copper output wire.
Price includes a 15V 4.3amp external power supply.  

"Alpert" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Bill G. of Cranston, RI)

TPA3116D2 with Nichicon power supply capacitors.  Alpha brand volume pot.
WBT style premium gold plated binding posts.  Gold plated RCA connectors and special recipe hook-up wire.  3M brand elastomer isolation pads.  Hammered silver finish.  Vintage style toggle switch and bakelite style volume knob.

"Kater" TPA3116 with Cardas & Alps (Sold to M. in Southern California )

Boutique Audiophile Cardas machined copper, gold and rhodium plated binding posts.
Alps Blue Velvet 50K volume potentiometer.  Gold plated RCA connectors.  Special wire recipe & WTB silver solder.  Real maple veneer & a think diecast metal enclosure. TPA3116D2 circuit board with Nichicon power supply capacitors.

"Harmonicat" TPA3110 (Sold to Mike D. in Washington, DC)

TPA3110 Amplifier.  4 watts of holographic sound.
Premium binding posts.  Premium gold plated RCA connectors. Extremely short low level signal path wiring.  Rubber isolation on both sides of circuit board.
Extremely short power supply wiring with switch deduction.
Hand wet sanded die-cast aluminum with a gloss clear enamel finish.
Teflon coated, solid core twisted signal wire and Kimber Kable TCSS output wiring.
Twisted solid core 14ga. power supply wire.  Genuine 3M isolation pads.