Vertical Bi-Amp 3116D2 (Sold)

This amplifier is made for bi-amping speakers that have bi-wireable passive crossovers. 
One pair of binding posts connect to the low posts and the other pair to the high level posts. 
Dual TPA3116D2 amplifiers handle the power and are handed off the audio signal by a Teradak brand Vishay precision resistor stepped attenuator volume control.   There are only two 1% tolerance Vishay resistors in the signal path before hitting the circuit board.  The amp is wired with plenum grade Cat5e (teflon insulated) & shielded copper cable.  Solid brass, vintage look toggle style power switches, gold plated, solid metal binding posts, gold plated RCA's, 3M elastomer vibration isolation pads and a textured black enamel round out the aesthetics.  Individual power supplies can be used for each section or a single, 10amp or better single supply with two power cord leads.  

"Alpha Aluminum" (Sold to Caintuck Open Baffle Speaker Co.)

Equipped with the blue/black Yuan Jing board.  Alpha brand volume pot that is tested with a tolerance of 1% between channels.  Plenum grade Cat 5e signal wiring.  
Includes a 12V/5A power supply.  Wondering what's up with the screw heads on the top of the amp?  I mount the board to the top to facilitate the shortest wiring paths possible.  Mounting on the bottom plate looks nicer, but I'm about the sound.

"Henry Ford Model T" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Caintuck Open Baffle Speaker Company)

"You can get it in any color, as long as it is black."  

Many of the inquiries I get are from audiophiles asking what is the least expensive, while still sounding good, amplifier that I can build.  Well, here it is.  A good portion of one of my simple amplifiers costs is the volume control & aluminum chassis.  When I first started building amplifiers, I used the inexpensive Alpha brand volume pot.  This is a carbon track potentiometer.  Music reproduction is a matter of taste, but I could imagine some audiophiles, who enjoy a warmer presentation, may even prefer this volume pot over a more open and revealing Vishay stepped attenuator I use.   Unfortunately, the channel matching on these Alpha pots is inconsistent, as it can be with less expensive volume controls.  Never fear though, the flea measures each channel and promptly throws any in the garbage that have more than 1% difference between channels.  This ends up being about 25% of them.  Why is channel matching important?  Imaging and the centering of the performer in the soundstage.  (when recorded that way)
I tried less expensive plastic boxes to house my amps, but I just couldn't come to terms with the low quality look, light weight & lack of RFI & EMI shielding of the die cast aluminum boxes. 

Other features of the basic "Model T" include gold plated RCA's, five way binding posts, neoprene circuit board mounts, 3M elastomer chassis vibration isolators, teflon insulated solid core copper wire, along with shielded copper & a retro look power switch.  A 12V 5A external power supply is included, unless you would like to provide your own.  

"Antenna Current" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Tom H. of Salt Lake City, Utah)

Features include the YJ "blue/black" TPA3116D2 circuit board with Nichicon power supply capacitors.  Measured .5 ohm tolerance left to right YJ volume pot.  A vintage Weston antenna current indicator panel meter sweeps to #2 on power up, with 12 Volts.
15 watts per channel into 8 ohms with the included power supply.

"Walnut & 24ct." TPA3116D2 (Sold to Josh R. of Louisville, KY)

This amplifier is equipped with the "Danzz" designed TPA3116D2.  An Alpha volume potentiometer, premium gold plated binding posts, real walnut veneer top, solid brass vintage look power switch, gold plated RCA connectors & 24ct. gold leafing enamel pin striping round out the rest of the amp.  A 12V/5A external power supply is included which will elicit a solid, gloriously robust, smooth, 15 watts per channel. $185

"The Ninja" TPA3116D2 (Sold to George in Richland, Washington)

This stealthy black beauty is equipped with the Valab Vishay precision resistor stepped attenuator & twisted solid core copper signal wiring.  Simple, elegant, beautiful sound.  

JDS Labs ODAC DAC (Sold)

I'm a fan of the JDS Labs ODAC.  It's inexpensive and sounds super.  There has been a lot written about the ODAC and there are many happy owners.  I do dislike the very small cases many USB DACS are packaged in, including the stock ODAC.  I took the liberty to mount an ODAC circuit board in a larger enclosure and wire her up with some VALAB brand, teflon insulated, silver plated copper wire.  Gold plated RCA connectors for the outputs.  $159 includes the stock JDS Labs USB cord.