TPA3116 with built-in JDS Labs ODAC (Sold to Sergio in Norwalk, CT)

Fleawatt TPA3116D2 with built-in, directly wired to the amp, JDS Labs ODAC. 
 One USB input connects directly to your computer or USB digital audio source.
Direct signal path from the DAC to the YuanJing "black board" amplifier circuit board with a short length of solid core twisted copper wire.  An Alps blue velvet volume pot compliments this circuit nicely.  Combining this highly regarded Class D amplifier with a directly wired giant killer DAC approaches the pinnacle of high fidelity audio with very little cash outlay.  As with all my amplifiers, the amplifier board is vibration isolated on neoprene isolation washers.  High quality gold plated five way binding posts.  3M brand isolation pads on the bottom of the solid, die-cast aluminum chassis.   A copper faux steam gauge and copper colored hardware makes for an understated, mild steampunk theme.