Shindo Green & Maple TPA3116D2 (Sold to Mark H. in Kingwood, TX)

From the new owner....

Hooked up the FleaWatt to some Totem DreamCatchers and a Pioneer CD player  on my desktop.....
Dexter Gordon is in the ROOM!!!
Can't WAIT until it fully breaks in.....
I'm say the least.
Kingwood, Texas

Engine Turned TPA3122D2 (Sold to Michael G. of Perrysburg, OH)

Code 3 3122D2 Integrated Amplifier (Sold to Michael G. of Perrysburg, OH)

From an anonymous visitor to the blog...
"This guy just keeps knocking 'em out of the park. It isn't because I like every design that comes up, it IS because there is a new and innovative design around every turn. What a relief from manufactured sameness."

Bare Naked TPA3116D2 (Sold to Todd S. of North Andover, Massachusetts)

TPA3116D2 People Eater (Sold to Michael D. of Centerville, VA)

Cruising the huffer's favorite isle at Home Depot, I came across some new colors being distributed by Rust-Oleum.  This one is called plum.  It was screaming to be used on an amp chassis.  Real maple veneer adorns the front panel.  A vintage style toggle switch, and chrome plated, solid brass volume knob is on the front.  WBT style gold plated brass, five-way binding posts are on the back.  Inside is shielded copper signal wiring and the "getting famous" YuanJing "Blue Board" TPA3116D2.   This Class D amplifier, with the included 12 volt, 5 amp supply, is good for a solid 15 watts.  E-mail me if you are interested in this one of a kind.

Fleawatt "Fleadough" TDA7492 (Sold to Tracy K. in Senatobia, MS)

Shindo green with brass accents & real Maple veneer.  Gold plated RCA connectors & binding posts.
Shielded signal wiring.   This is the 12 volt version TDA7492.  It's a great sounding chip.

Fleawatt Desktop Speakers (Sold to Dean in Lowell, Massachusetts)

Tang Band W3 3" Neodymium full range drivers.  Black die-cast aluminum enclosures veneered with oiled walnut veneer.  Brushed aluminum nameplate and five way binding posts complete the package.
Authentic Sorbothane Isolate brand feet keep the speakers from vibrating the supporting surface.
These were tuned by ear with a certain amount of acousastuff fiber & Nichicon Muse capacitor.

Jerry Electronics TPA3122 Decoupage Amp (Sold to Dan P. of Toledo, OH)

 TPA3122 Amplifier.  Decoupage clock graphic on the top.  Weathered finish on the die cast aluminum enclosure.  
Five way binding posts.  Gold plated RCA connectors.