Brass & Black FleaPunk TPA3116 Amplifier (Sold to Colleen in Darnestown, MD)

Solid metal, brass colored, faux steam power meter.  Simulated brass rivets adorn the textured enameled, die-cast aluminum enclosure.  Solid brass power switch and chicken head volume knob.  Gold plated RCA inputs and five way binding posts.  This amplifier has authentic sorbothane isolation pads on the bottom.  A TPA3116D2 15 watt per channel amplifier pushes the power.

Silver Knight TPA3110D2 (Sold to Hugo in Greer, South Carolina)

5 watt per channel TPA3110D2 amplifier mounted in a die-cast aluminum chassis.  Solid machined aluminum isolation spikes and volume knob.  Industrial black enamel.

Fleawatt TPA3116D2 "GigaHurts" (Sold to Bill I. in Cortland, Ohio)

I bought this used RF High Frequency (gigahertz) shielded in-line amplifier box off Fleabay.
It was re-purposed into an audiophile amplifier.  It was primed and painted a very dark textured brown.  The fins were enameled copper and the copper pipe & wire accents were added.  The photos are dark, but there is a black powder coated, solid brass volume knob on the front.  Black machined aluminum spikes adorn the bottom of the amp.
Inside is a TPA3116D2 amplifier board which is good for about 35 watts per channel depending on how much voltage one feeds it.

TPA3110D2 Brass & Mahogany (Sold to Pete W. in Maryland)

TPA3110D2 amplifier IC mounted in a Hammond cast aluminum chassis.  Beautiful mahogany veneer and brass accents.  Solid brass power switch & brass nameplate.  Gold colored isolation spikes and gold plated RCA connectors.   The black part of the enclosure is scuffed and distressed on the edges to give it a classic, vintage appearance.     

Whippersnapper Amp Follow-Up

The amp arrived today. Thanks for the great packing and quick shipping. i'm listening to it now through a pair of Fried Studio V speakers, and I'm REALLY liking the sound!....I own a yoga studio, and most of our classes are taught to music. I plan to use your amp there, it will be great. It was made locally, relatively speaking, it's adorable and green! I've got a pair of ADS 1290 speakers mounted to a 15 foot brick wall.
I checked out your site and your stuff rocks. I'll be back in touch. Thanks again."