Beta 2 (Sold to Daniel H. of Portland, Oregon)

This amp has an expensive, hand wired, Dale resistor ladder stepped attenuator.
WWII vintage panel meter that functions when the unit is powered up.
Premium gold plated Dayton Audio binding posts and gold plated RCA connectors.

Beta Amp 1 with dual mono TPA3110D2 (Sold to Calvin P. of La Crosse, Wisconsin)

A few extra holes in the bottom plate as this amp was used to beta test a few different circuits.
Dual mono TPA3116D2 circuit boards.  8 watts per channel.  Dayton Audio premium nickel plated binding posts.  Alpha brand volume pot.
Working voltmeter.  Vintage style toggle switch and chicken head volume knob.
$165 plus shipping.

"Fender Tribute" TPA3116D2 Dual Mono amplifier (Sold to Sebastian B. of New York, NY)

A tribute to a legendary guitar maker based in California, USA.
Gorgeous metallic blue finish with genuine chrome plated Fender guitar neck plate and chrome plated Fender guitar knobs.
Insulated, gold plated binding posts.  Rean brand gold plated RCA connectors.
Alpha brand volume potentiometer and Alpha rotary power switch.
Neoprene isolated circuit boards and teflon coated solid copper wire throughout. 
Hand made, one of a kind, with sound that 50+ audiophiles have put their stamp of approval on. 

"Ukelele" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Randy G. of Kihei, Hawaii)

My first amp to make it to Hawaii.  In my haste to get this amplifier shipped out quickly, I neglected to get a photograph of it.  Thank you Randy, the owner of this amp for snapping a photo of it for the blog.  This amplifier was built with an Alps Blue Velvet volume pot.  "Blue/Black" TPA3116 circuit board.   Premium gold plated binding posts and no power switch at Randy's request.
Here is what Randy says about the sound paired with his Omega Super 7 MKII speakers:
"Love the amp, great definition, even at low volumes, low end is solid! My new main and only amp." 

"Art Pepper" Tribute TPA3116D2 Dual Input (Sold to Alton U. of Honolulu, Hawaii)

TPA3116D2 (YJ Blue/Black)
Two inputs selected with front panel mounted toggle switch.
Side mounted, vintage style, heavy duty toggle power switch.
Rean RCA connectors and high quality Connex brand binding posts.
Alpha brand volume pot with shielded copper input wire & teflon insulated copper output wire.
Gorgeous birdseye maple veneer on the faceplate with a faux bakelite knob.
Enclosure is 7.5"x7.5"x2.5"
Amplifier comes with an external power supply.
This amplifier is for sale at Caintuck Audio.   Visit their website at:

"Eric Dolphy" Dual Mono TPA3118 (Sold to Matt P. in Chicago, IL)

Dual mono with Alps Blue Velvet volume pot.  Premium solid brass, gold plated binding posts.
Rean gold plated RCA connectors.  Heavy gauge die-cast aluminum enclosure for maximum RFI & EMI blocking.  High purity copper, teflon insulated Kimber TCSS output wire and Teflon insulated twisted solid copper signal wiring.  WBT Silver solder.  Solid machined aluminum, powder coated volume knob.  As with all my amplifiers, the circuit board is supported on neoprene washers for vibration insulation.  3M bumpers on the bottom for additional chassis isolation.
Handmade to order by a fellow audiophile with a passion for music.
Comments from the new owner: The amp arrived Derek. Looks great and sounds even better! Pic attached.
Greater clarity, less harsh/glassy, and much more muscular/dynamic with my speakers