"Kishore Kumar" R-Type Transformer TPA3116 (Sold to Ashok G. of Lexington, MA)

This TPA3116D2 build has an internal power supply featuring an audiophile quality R type transformer pumping out 19 volts after rectification and 4700uf of extra power supply filtering.   Fully shielded copper input wiring and Kimber TCSS teflon coated, high purity copper output wire.  An Alps blue velvet potentiometer is graced with a machined aluminum knob.   

Edison Lamp (Sold to Glenn A. of Highlands Ranch, CO)

Three candelabra size "Edison" bulbs grace this black textured 7.5"x7.5"x2" aluminum enclosure.
A 1940's vintage working Weston panel meter is encased for decoration.  The warm glow from 
this lamp can be compared to three candles.   A dimmer switch is located on the back, which allows variable amounts of brightness levels.  A vintage style toggle switch on the front powers it up. A one of a kind, handmade lamp.
This same style lamp can be purchased for $225 plus actual shipping charges.

The "Edison" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Michael C. of Kirkland, Washington)

Make your office buddies jealous with this one of a kind amplifier that is as much art sculpture as it is audiophile amplifier.
Lighted sculpture that doubles as a desktop, one input, audiophile quality amplifier.
Edison style hairpin filament lightbulbs with variable dimming my means of the dimmer switch on the top of the amplifier.  (can be turned all the off with the same switch)
Chicken head knob on the left is the amplifier on/off.  Chicken head on the right is the volume control for the TPA3116D2.  35 Watts per channel.  Internal power supply from a high quality EI transformer.
Amplifier is equipped with a fuse and earth ground.  Includes a power cord.
$700 plus shipping.

"Monteverdi" TPA3116D2 with R Type Transformer (Sold to Joel J. of Troy, Michigan)

TPA3116D2 30 watts per channel.  R type transformer & highly regulated internal power supply circuitry.
Cardas solid copper binding posts.  Rean brand gold plated RCA connectors.  Rear mounted rotary switch.  (This amplifier can be left on as it uses tiny bits of electricity at idle)
Alps blue velvet volume potentiometer with large, machined aluminum knob.
Gorgeous sounding amp.