Two Input TPA3116D2 (Sold to John B. of Anaheim, California)

This amplifier was built with a large EI Transformer, Elna Silmic II power supply capacitors throughout, Jupiter Condenser cotton insulated 6N copper output wiring, Belden Brilliance input wire, audiophile quality Solen & Rean brand gold plated connectors and an Alps Blue Velvet volume pot.  This aluminum enclosure was a "test mule" enclosure for various parts I've tried together over the last three or four years, making it a "B" stock amp now in it's final iteration.
Just as a Chef must tweak a recipe and find high quality ingredients that work well together, amplifier outcome can benefit from similar experimentation.   Alas, a great sounding mixture of ingredients develops into a delicious sounding amplifier.

"Cello Suite II" TPA3118D2 (Sold to Stephen F. of Harrison, Arkansas)

R Type Transformer, HEXFRED bridge rectifier,
Elna Silmic II power supply capacitors, Alps blue velvet volume potentiometer, Jupiter Condenser Co. cotton insulated 6N high purity copper output wiring.   Volume pot bypass circuit for use with internal volume pot or pre-amplifier.  

EI Transformer & Elna Silmic II TPA3116D2 (Sold to Glenn W. of Walden, New York)

This amplifier features a 5 amp EI stye transformer, filtered IEC connector, gold plated binding posts and RCA connectors, Belden Brilliance insulated input wiring, Jupiter Condenser Co. cotton insulated 6N high purity copper output wiring, rotary power switch, Hammond "naked" diecast aluminum enclosure.