Fleawatt CAO cigar box stereo

These CAO cigar boxes are hard to find!  They get snapped up quickly as they are very attractive boxes.
I'm selling this and several others this weekend at a craft show in Bowling Green, OH.
It's a blast seeing how each one sounds different.  Most of the smaller boxes, using this particular Tang Band full range driver benefit from some Acousta Stuff brand polyfiber stuffing.  

Acid Cigar Audiophile Amplifier - Exposed Circuit Board

I've been wanting to build an amplifier with an "exposed" circuit board
for awhile.  I finally got around to it.  My favorite sounding chip currently, the TPA
3110 was installed in this handsome Acid cigar box.  I added an analog DC volt meter below the board.  Since I use a SLA battery, it's nice to see what my charge level is.  I found out yesterday that the TPA3110 shuts down at 7.8 volts.  It took me about 3 hours to charge my SLA battery up to 12.5 volts.  I hadn't charged it in over a month!  

Cusano Cigar Box TPA3110 Amplifier

 Another cigar box integrated amplifier is born.  This one is equipped with a  Class D TPA3110 amplifier board, Neutrik RCA connectors, Dayton gold plated five way binding posts, a volume pot and power switch. 


Saba Greencone speaker discovery!

I recently acquired a Made in Germany, Saba Breisgau 8 console, which contained a Dual 1004
idler drive turntable, a tuner, a mono EL84 amplifier, but most importantly....
four Alinco magnet Saba greencones!  I've been on the hunt for greencones, but they are very
rare in the US.   Another reso cabinet, to house these drivers, is in the works!

Brickhouse Cigar Box Stereo

Class D TPA3110 amplifier with Tang Band neodymium, full range speakers.

Fleawatt Perdomo Cigar Box Stereo

I wasn't expecting this box to sound as good as it does!  I used a liberal amount of acoustuff fiber in this box and the sound is amazing for such a compact enclosure.  It has a very natural, yet peppy sound.   It is equipped with audiophile quality Tang Band neodymium magnet speakers and a Class D amplifier.  It is powered with a DC power pack and uses any phone or portable audio device as a source.


Camacho El Legend-Ario Stereo

This is the largest and nicest cigar box I've come across so far.  Not only does it look nice, but the size and type of wood make beautiful music.  This stereo has a class D amplifier, volume pot, power switch, mini plug input, DC power pack and Vifa audiophile quality full range speakers.  

Perdomo Signature Cigar Box Stereo

This is the only box I've built with recessed speakers.  It is also lacks a volume pot, so the volume must be controlled with your iPhone or iPod.  This box was signed by Nick Perdomo Jr., CEO of Perdomo cigars.  This music machine is equipped with a Class D amplifier and Vifa brand audiophile quality, full range speakers.

Heathkit Class D Amplifier

What's old is new again!  I purchased this mono tube preamp on Craigslist.   It was an absolute mess when I bought it.  I gutted it, buffed out the front panel, added new knobs, all new hardware and painted the rest of the chassis black.   It puts out 5 flea butt-kicking watts. 

Fleawatt JFR Cigar Box Stereo

This cigar box stereo is equipped with a Class D TPA3110 board and Tang Band neodymium magnet, full range, three inch speakers.  It has a power switch, volume control, 12 volt DC input and 1/8" mini plug for connection to an iPod, iPhone or other portable source.  Every cigar box stereo has it's own sound signature due to the wood type, size of the box and wood thickness.  I thought this was poplar, but it seems too soft to be poplar.  It perhaps isn't one of the best looking, but definitely is the best sounding I've built so far.  

Technics SL-5 Linear Tracking Turntable

I acquired this Technics SL-5 on Craigslist for $20.  It needed a thorough tune-up, cleaning and lubrication, but it now sounds fantastic.  I also installed a new Audio Technica P mount cartridge.
My research indicates this table was made in 1982/1983.