TPA3122D2 with vintage Simpson panel meter

This battery powered amplifier uses a Philips TPA3122D2 Class D board.  Output filter caps are Nichicon Fine Gold & the power supply capacitors are Nichicon Muse.  The working panel meter indicates the power supply voltage.  A nifty machined aluminum volume knob completes the package.
RCA input connections and speaker wire connections are made right at the circuit board.  The purest signal path possible.

Saba Bookshelf Speakers

These were a Craigslist find from the Detroit area.  I'm now a Saba "junkie", which is bad as Sabas were never imported to the United States.  I couldn't find much information on the Internet regarding these particular speakers.  If you know the model number or date of production, please e-mail me.
The "story" that goes along with these is they belonged to the seller's friend, who was stationed in the US Military base in Germany.  He brought them back with him.  The seller believes they date from approximately 1959.  I crossed my fingers when powering them up that a voice coil hadn't been damaged.  My fears were alleviated when they began singing like angels.  Amazing sonics.

My Wife's Fleawatt Desktop Stereo

My wife Carrie, who supports my diy audio hobby 100%,  has been seeing quite a few desktop stereos leave the factory lately.  "When are you going to build me one?", she inquired.   With her significant input and assistance in the design, this Fleawatt powered desktop stereo was born.  The fabric color was chosen to match her office at work, where it will reside.  This particular stereo is powered with a TPA3110 5 watt per channel Class D amplifier.  The speakers are neodymium magnet equipped Tang Band, audiophile full range speakers.  A 1/8" mini plug and dc connector are mounted on the rear panel.   Thanks for supporting my hobby Carrie & Happy Valentines Day!

Hawthorne Audio "Spud" Amplifier

I built this amplifier and chassis in 2008.  It has the most three dimensional imaging of any amplifier I've ever heard.

Fleawatt Class D TPA3122D2

This 15 watt per channel Philips TPA3122D2 IC is a step forward from a Tripath based chip.  Deeper and tighter bass, better imaging, black background and incredibly accurate musical timbre.
This particular board has direct speaker wire terminals and RCA connections at the printed circuit board!  No binding posts, no signal wiring from the RCA inputs to the volume pot and from the volume pot to the board.  All of that, which is susceptible to EMI and RFI interference, is eliminated!  The most direct signal path possible and the pinnacle of design for those of us who want the purest sound possible.  This amplifier can be powered by and 12 volt or 24 volt DC power supply.  Sealed Lead Acid batteries are the preference among my fellow fleas.   This particular amplifier has upgraded Elna Silmic II capacitors mounted under the board.   There is a hole in the box lid under the circuit board to permit the mounting of the board.  

Kurt's Fleawatt Desktop System

This was a commissioned build for my friend & fellow audiophile, Kurt, who lives in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  The amplifier and speakers will be used with his laptop as a desktop system.  The Class D TPA3110 amplifier is encased in a round wooden "box".  The amplifier is powered by AA batteries under the chassis, on top of the cradle.  Easily accessible.   A DC input connector was placed on the back panel to allow the use of a AC to DC power pack should he decide to forego the battery power.   The amplifier is equipped with a power switch, volume control and mini input to connect to a laptop, phone or iPod/iPhone.  Gold plated, audiophile quality binding posts & solid walnut cradles complete the package.   The speakers are 3" Tang Band, neodymium magnet, audiophile full range speakers.  The speaker cabinets are also veneer thin tube boxes.  They have absolutely gorgeous tone combined with the Tang Band speakers.