Amtrans Gold Plated OFC Wired TPA3116D2 (Sold to Dean M. in Massachussetts)

This is the first amplifier I've built that incorporates Amtrans gold plated oxygen free copper hook up wire.  The wire is teflon insulated and expensive at $14 for 3 feet.  You may not be a believer that wire makes a difference in audio reproduction.  I do.   Other parts used in this build is an Alps Blue Velvet volume pot,  solid brass, gold plated, five way binding posts, real walnut veneer & a genuine Peavey guitar knob.  My favorite new accent is the solid brass switch and solid machined brass on/off plate. 
The "Audiobah" sourced circuit board is mounted on vibration isolating neoprene washers and 3M elastomer pads are affixed to the bottom of the chassis.  

I received these unsolicited comments after the amp was delivered:
The amp sounded great out of the box, but I  wanetd to let it burn in for a few days before I got back to you about the sound.  In short, it sounds fantastic.  I'm not great with the adjectives, but suffice to say you knocked this one out of the park!

Many thanks,

"Kind of Blue" TPA3116D2 30 Watts x 2 (Sold to Jeff A. in New Jersey)

This amplifier is equipped with the "Audiobah" Model AC1308 1.0 TPA3116D2 circuit board.  This is the first of three amps I will build with this board.   Listening tests confirm it is a keeper.  Silky smooth midrange and highs, with the well known tight bass of the 3116.  As I've written before, I won't sell an amp with a board I wouldn't use myself in my rig.  I recently discarded three different 3116 circuit boards that I didn't care for.   Parts on this amp include side chassis mounted, five way, gold plated, insulated binding posts,  gold plated RCA inputs, genuine Fender chromed brass volume knob, Alpha volume pot & twisted solid copper signal wiring.   Hand made little chunks of audio art.  No two ever the same.

Alps Blue Velvet & Jupiter Cotton Insulated Wire Volume Control (Sold to George S. of Towson, Maryland)


Equipped with "boutique" Jupiter Condenser 26ga. 4n purity cotton insulated copper wire.  100K Alps Blue Velvet potentiometer is star grounded for maximum noise free operation.  Die cast aluminum chassis for maximum RFI & EMI rejection.  Gold plated RCA connectors.
3M urethane isolation feet.   

"Positive Feedback"

I typically get e-mails from audiophiles who buy my amps, letting me know they arrived unscathed & surprised by the sonics.  Recently, I received more of a review, from Michael, who purchased one of my amps.   His comments were completely unsolicited.  I asked him if I could post his words to my blog and he obliged.  Here are his comments:

As it is right now, I prefer this amp to many SE tube amps and highly acclaimed solid state integrated amps that have come through the system.  It's not as romantic, lush, or other additive adjectives that SE brings to the table, but it sounds more real and clear.  I'm around live music on a regular basis, and this amp offers a detailed yet musical presentation that  I think accurately captures the gestalt of the artists/engineers intentions.  It has more heart and soul compared to my other amps.

$3,000 sound for a total cost of about $150.  It kind of feels like the emperor's clothes story….when comparing it to the rest of the overpriced high-end spread.

I'm using this with a pair of Triangle Zerius, and the gain from the amp, along with my transformer volume control, is just about perfect in my small room.  If anyone is looking for a great match, a used Triangle Zerius or Titus would be a great suggestion.

Thanks for offering an interesting and great sounding amp at a price everyone can afford.  I might be interested in trying an integrated DAC with the ability to switch between my external phono pre to on-board DAC.  I'll keep up with your webpage to see if you ever make such a thing.