24kt gold pin stripe JDS Labs ODAC TPA3116 (Sold to Craig G. of Tarzana, California)

This is the second amplifier I've created with a built-in DAC.  The JDS Labs ODAC is one of those stellar "bang for the buck" DAC's.
You have to spend a lot more money to get a significant sonic benefit over the ODAC.  If you can hear the difference between interconnects in your system, you'll immediately realize the improvement of having the DAC just inches away from the amplifier board.   Eliminating a set of interconnects can get us that much closer to the original signal.
Parts utilized in this build include a Yuan Jing TPA3116D2 (blue/black circuit board), Dayton gold plated five way binding posts,  24kt gold leafing enamel pin striping, red enamel with three coats of gloss clear,  solid brass, gold plated volume knob,  Alpha brand 50K volume pot & a combination of twisted solid core copper/shielded copper signal wiring.   

Premium Post TPA3116D2 (Sold to Todd E. of Redding, California)

"Got the amp last week.  Excellent for the cash. No question. I am really amazed that something so tiny and so LIGHT can drive two 6 foot tall speakers with 4, 10" woofers, 4 mids, and two tweeters. Amazing really. Does great with voices. Been really busy so I have not had time to play around A / B -ing it with my other amps, but again I am really impressed with what I have heard so far. I am running a mac laptop, just standard 320 mp3's into a Michael Yee / Musical Surroundings MYDAC II through the USB input. Very simple set up, so compact. This uber simple set up would be very hard to beat for the money.
I am excited to try it with some of my smaller speakers once I get some free time. Excellent packing and shipping time too. Thanks for everything. I LOVE the aesthetics of it, the green cube light, the retro switch. Aluminum / Walnut. So cool."