6N3 Tube Matisse Preamp Kit (Sold to Colleen in Darnestown, MD)

 I purchased this popular Matisse circuit 6N3 tube preamp kit on Ebay to see if it was worth a darn.   I'm a sucker for inexpensive kits that have halfway decent user reports on the diy audio forums.  Well, this one is definitely worth the price of the admission.  I'm certain this might be one of the least expensive tube preamp kits that is dead quiet and adds some tube warmth without completely ruining everything else. Perfect for some tube warmth with the bonus of some extra gain.  Make that 1982 Technics, bought at a garage sale, receiver sound like tubes!  Green LED's under the tubes add some wicked lighting effects that even Pink Floyd might envy.  I added a IEC with built in filtration.  Vintage style toggle switch and fuse all in a black powder coated chassis.  It's solid and quite heavy with the power transformer inside.   I'll sell this for $100 plus shipping.  Send me an e-mail to the address listed to the right if interested.

Whippersnapper TPA3110D2 (Sold to Dean in Lowell, Massachussetts)

This little whippersnapper of an amp consists of a Hammond aluminum octagonal enclosure, maple veneer top plate, Sure Electronics TPA3110D2 board, gold plated binding posts, dc connector, Alpha 100K volume pot, gold plated RCA's, sorbothane isolation pads and nylon volume knob.   It is about the size of a compact disc.  Power is drawn from a 12 Volt external AC/DC power supply.  No power switch?  Nope, it draws about the same amount of juice as that annoying alarm clock of yours.  Leave it on, or if you are really obsessive, unplug it.  Its small, simple  Love it or hate it, it won't be confused with a "made in you know where" TPA3110.  

TPA3116 Steampunked (Sold to John in Schertz, Texas)

I have an affinity for Steampunk Art. I came across some cool faux gauges geared toward the Steampunk movement from
The chip inside this Hammond aluminum chassis is the TPA 3116 good for about 30 watts per channel.   An external Alpha 100K volume pot, gold plated RCA's and five way, gold plated binding posts were used.  The finish is a hammered black enamel with solid copper tacks.  The power switch and knob are copper enameled aluminum.  

Lindsay's Fleawatt Stereo

This is a small desktop stereo I built for my youngest daughter.  It uses a Class D 3110
amplifier and Tang Band full range speakers.  Connection to the source is through a 1/8" stereo mini plug.  The wood box, complete with carry handle, was purchased at Hobby Lobby.

TDA7297 Zebrawood Amplifier (Sold to Louis in Wynnewood, PA)

The TDA7297 is a 15 watt per channel integrated circuit made by ST Electronics.  It is a class A/B amplifier and the first I've used from ST Electronics.  It has short circuit and overload protection. There is a lengthy thread about this circuit on the diy audio forum with many reports on it's wonderful sonics.  I equipped this one with a VALAB 23 step ladder style attenuator (which I love),  Wima polyester film input capacitors, Cat 6e plenum grade signal wiring, gold plated RCA connectors, gold plated five way binding posts and a nice Nichicon 2200uf power supply capacitor.    The chassis is a Hammond hand brushed aluminum 7" x 7" with a zebra wood veneer on the top.  Four machined, gold plated, aluminum isolation cones provide the support on the bottom.

TPA3116 Amplifier (Sold to Doug In Renton, WA)