"Schostakovich" TPA3116D2 Dueland Western Electric (Sold to Norman G. of Englewood, Colorado)

Stand alone 2 channel TPA3116D2 in an elegantly simple aluminum enclosure.  
This custom built amplifier has a R core transformer and regulated power supply board.
Nichicon Muse power supply capacitors.  Elastomer washers under the circuit boards for vibration isolation. Input wire is shielded Belden Brilliance & the output wire is the new Dueland 18 gauge oil impregnated, cotton insulated, tinned copper Western Electric clone wire.
Large elastomer isolation pads under the enclosure.

"Holst" TPA3116D2 Dueland Wire (Sold to Mark W. of Woodridge, IL)

This gorgeous sounding amplifier was assembled with top-shelf audiophile components.  The TPA3116D2 is such a good sounding chip amplifier that mating it with good quality components  and a high quality linear power supply takes it to another level.  This is the first amplifier I've equipped with a "capacitor array" power supply.  This entails an array of sixty-eight Rubycon YXF high frequency, low impedance 220uf capacitors.  This is a silly amount of capacitance for an amplifier that sips current.  However, it allows immediate and fast current delivery to the amplifier.   Additional power supply capacitance on the amplifier board is provided by silky smooth sounding Elna Silmic II 1000uf capacitors.   Feeding the power supply is a huge (and expensive) 65VA R type transformer that has more than enough power to feed the capacitor array during large dynamic swings.   
The amplifier board itself is mounted on a 3/4" slab of Sitka Spruce wood.  Harware includes premium WBT style gold plated binding posts and Neutrik gold plated RCA inputs.  An Alps blue velvet volume pot is mounted front and center.   Wiring includes solid core copper power wiring, shielded Belden brilliance input wire and the output wire is the very special and expensive, Dueland brand oil impregnated, cotton insulated, 18gauge tinned copper.  (A close copy of the Western Electric wire)  A fire engine red LED is mounted above the volume control.
$545 plus actual shipping.
Here is a comment from the owner after the amp was received:
The integrated amp right out of the box is very impressive musically with exceptional build quality. It runs cool and operates dead silent. After a good break in period I will send further info on my opinions/comments. I think with this amp you HIT A HOME RUN. 

"Gerry Mulligan" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Chris C. in Littleton, Colorado)

Have you read all the superlatives regarding the TPA3116D2 chip amps?
Imagine what one sounds like mated with high quality or even boutique audiophile parts!
This amplifier was built with a R core transformer, 1000uf Nichicon Muse capacitors in the power supply, Belden Brilliance shielded copper input wiring, boutique Jupiter cotton insulated 4N purity copper output wire, solid-core copper power supply wiring, DACT style stepped attenuator that uses high tolerance SMD resistors, Solen brand gold plated binding posts and Neutrik gold plated RCA connectors.   This amplifier has the circuit board mounted on a 3/4" thick piece of maple, affixed with brass hardware.   
$400 plus shipping.  Lifetime Warranty.

"Mancini" TPA3116D2 with Goldpoint Attenuator (Sold to David F. of Buffalo, NY)

R Type Transformer.  Panasonic FC and Nichicon Muse power supply capacitors.  Goldpoint stepped attenuator.  Solen binding posts.   Neutrik Rean RCA inputs.   Teflon insulated, solid-core copper signal wiring and WBT TCSS output wire.   WBT style premium gold plated binding posts.  Circuit board is mounted on rubber vibration isolating washers. 
The goldpoint stepped attenuator is highly regarded and one of the most transparent sounding stepped attenuators available.
$525 plus shipping.

"Amati" TPA3116D2 Dual Input & Sitka Spruce (Sold to Aaron T. of Leawood, KS)

The circuit board in this amplifier is mounted on a 3/4" thick piece of Sitka Spruce wood.
Two inputs.  Alps Blue Velvet Volume Pot.  Toroidal transformer with regulated power supply.  Teflon insulated solid core copper hook-up wire.   Solen brand binding posts and Neutrik Rean RCA inputs.
Elna Silmic II power supply capacitors.  
The TPA3116D2 is one of the most written about chip amps in recent times, on all of the major audio forums.  There is a reason for this.  This special sounding integrated circuit deserves high quality parts.
$475 plus shipping.

Ravel II (Sold to Joon K. of Middle Village, NY)

Elna Silmic II power supply capacitors.  Regulated Power supply with 4700uf additional capacitance.
Ultra quiet R Type transformer.
TPA3116D2 is mounted on a 3/4" thick piece of Sitka Spruce wood.  Jupiter cotton insulated solid core 4N copper output wire and shielded copper input wire.  Silky smooth Alps blue velvet volume pot.
Binding posts are gold plated solid copper.  Neutrik RCA connectors.

"Joyce Cooling" TPA3116D2 Remote Control with Subwoofer Outputs (Sold to Thomas of Oakland, California)

Nichicon Fine Gold power supply capacitors.  Remote control volume.
Two inputs and stereo line level subwoofer outputs.  Premium gold plated WBT Style binding posts and Neutrik gold plated RCA inputs.