Saba Greencone Hinged Open Baffles

Each side is piano hinged and can be moved for control over imaging and bass response.
These are stunning full range drivers.  It's either the Alnico magnets, the super thin paper cones or both, that give them an absolutely beguiling sound.

Fleawatt TPA3122D2 Soft Maple Amplifier

This amplifier uses a Texas Instruments TPA3122D2 IC and circuit board from Jerry's Electronics in Springfield, Ohio.  I installed a LED volt meter, which gives an accurate reading of the power supply voltage.  The IC can operate safely within a range of 8 and 30 volts DC.  I use a 12 volt SLA battery or two 12 volt batteries in series for 24 volts.  Power output rises as the power supply voltage is increased.  From 8 to 15 watts.  The pcb board is mounted on a one inch thick slab of American soft maple.

Fleawatt Wild Burro Betsy "Donkey Kong" Baffles

Finished the Wild Burro Betsy open baffle speakers.  My audio pal, Lucky, affectionately named them the "Donkey Kong" baffles due to their size.  They do fill the room with sound.  Both the Wild Burro Audio Betsy and Betsy K full range drivers are tremendous values and I highly recommend them.