"Mancini" TPA3116D2 with Goldpoint Attenuator!

R Type Transformer.  Panasonic FC and Nichicon Muse power supply capacitors.  Goldpoint stepped attenuator.  Solen binding posts.   Neutrik Rean RCA inputs.   Teflon insulated, solid-core copper signal wiring and WBT TCSS output wire.   WBT style premium gold plated binding posts.  Circuit board is mounted on rubber vibration isolating washers. 
The goldpoint stepped attenuator is highly regarded and one of the most transparent sounding stepped attenuators available.
$525 plus shipping.

"Amati" TPA3116D2 Dual Input & Sitka Spruce (Available)

The circuit board in this amplifier is mounted on a 3/4" thick piece of Sitka Spruce wood.
Two inputs.  Alps Blue Velvet Volume Pot.  Toroidal transformer with regulated power supply.  Teflon insulated solid core copper hook-up wire.   Solen brand binding posts and Neutrik Rean RCA inputs.
Elna Silmic II power supply capacitors.  
The TPA3116D2 is one of the most written about chip amps in recent times, on all of the major audio forums.  There is a reason for this.  This special sounding integrated circuit deserves high quality parts.
$400 plus shipping.

Ravel II (Sold to Joon K. of Middle Village, NY)

Elna Silmic II power supply capacitors.  Regulated Power supply with 4700uf additional capacitance.
Ultra quiet R Type transformer.
TPA3116D2 is mounted on a 3/4" thick piece of Sitka Spruce wood.  Jupiter cotton insulated solid core 4N copper output wire and shielded copper input wire.  Silky smooth Alps blue velvet volume pot.
Binding posts are gold plated solid copper.  Neutrik RCA connectors.

"Joyce Cooling" TPA3116D2 Remote Control with Subwoofer Outputs (Sold to Thomas of Oakland, California)

Nichicon Fine Gold power supply capacitors.  Remote control volume.
Two inputs and stereo line level subwoofer outputs.  Premium gold plated WBT Style binding posts and Neutrik gold plated RCA inputs.

"Gonsalves" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Josh of Troy, Michigan)

Have you read all the superlatives regarding the TPA3116D2 chip?
Imagine what one sounds like mated with high quality or even boutique audiophile parts!
This amplifier was built with a EI Transformer, 1000uf Nichicon Muse capacitors in the power supply, Belden Brilliance shielded copper input wiring, boutique Jupiter cotton insulated 4N purity copper output wire, solid-core copper power supply wiring, Valab SMD stepped attenuator, Solen brand gold plated binding posts and Neutrik gold plated RCA connectors.  The IEC input connector is equipped with a fuse and the enclosure is earth grounded.  As of 2017, all of my amplifiers will have the option of being built with the amplifier circuit board mounted directly to a piece of Canadian Maple or Sitka Spruce.  (Brass mounting screws)
This one has the board mounted on a 3/4" thick piece of maple.   
$375 plus shipping.  Lifetime Warranty.

The water used to make your whiskey....

(Photo courtesy of James Transformer Manufacturing)

"AC power is the raw material for the output of the component. Make beer, wine, scotch or bourbon with bad water and you get a bad product. Make an audio component with a generic off-the-shelf toroidal transformer and you are going to get a generic sounding component. It won’t be terrible, but it will fail to scale the heights of what is possible." (Doug Blackburn of Soundstage)

"Koussevitzky" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Kregg H. of Dallas, Texas)

TPA3116D2 with upgraded Nichicon Muse power supply capacitors.  Audiophile quality R Core transformer. (internal linear power supply)  Teflon insulated, silver coated 4N copper output wire.  Fully shielded copper input wire.  Gold plated connectors.

Fleawatt Vintage Flip Clock

Vintage flip style clock workings mounted on a gorgeous solid slab of Canary Wood.
Vintage style cloth cord and plug.

Subbu DAC V3 (Built for my close friend Michael)

R-Type Transformer with an audiophile quality regulated power supply.
Teflon coated solid core copper signal wiring.  Single coaxial digital input.
Exotic veneer front face.  Side mounted, vintage style toggle switch

Edison Globe Lamp (Available)

Globe shaped Edison bulb mounted in an aluminum enclosure with a functioning vintage panel meter.
1950's style cloth cord and grounded plug.   Copper colored accents, including machined wheel styled knobs and lamp socket.  Switch on the back is the master power.  Knob on the right is a dimmer for the bulb.  Knob on the left moves the needle on the panel meter.  Emits a gorgeous, warm light.  A fun, unique, handmade piece for the office or home.  $200 plus shipping.

Fleawatt Speed Read Clock (Sold to Paul S. of Ostrander Bay, MI)

Vintage 1950's "Speed Read" clock.  Removed from it's shabby housing and mounted on a die-cast aluminum enclosure.  Motor has been lubricated.  New 1950's style houndstooth cloth power cord.   A one of a kind piece.

"Mussorgsky" TPA3116D2 (Sold to James M. of Wilkes Barre, PA)

Heavy machined aluminum enclosure.
 Giant toroidal power transformer along with 4700uf of capacitance on a separate regulated power supply board.   Boutique Solen brand gold plated binding posts.  Gold plated REAN connectors.  High purity copper, gold plated IEC input with integrated fuse.  Kimber TCSS output wire and Belden Brilliance shielded input wire.   Alps blue velvet volume control.

Weston Kilovolt Meter Lamp (Sold to Steve L. of Lynnwood, Washington)

Three warm glowing Edison bulbs & a working 1940's vintage Weston Kilovolt panel meter.
One of a kind, handmade lamp art.  It's not too late to ask Mrs. Claus for one.
7.5" x 7.5"x 2.5"

Vintage Radio Dial Belts Display Box Lamp (Sold to Dean M. of Massachusetts)

Vintage Radio Dial Belts steel box with drawer from an old hardware store.  Gorgeous rusty/weathered patina that only old age is capable of producing.  Ceramic sockets are painted with enamel to blend with the metal box.  An on/off with rotary dimmer switch is on the left side.  A vintage style cloth covered, twisted electrical cord with vintage style plug on the back.
The photos do not capture the beautiful warm glow these bulbs produce in a dark room.
A perfect gift for the antique radio enthusiast.
Box measures approximately 5"x6"x14"

The Ravel (Sold to Guillaume B. of Paris, France)

This amplifier is hand crafted with high quality audiophile components throughout, including gold plated, solid copper binding posts.  A well regulated power supply is set to the voltage I feel produces the most tube like sound from the TPA3116D2.  Listening tests have led me to choose a particular R type transformer that I feel sounds the best with the 3116.  The circuit boards used in this amp are insulated from vibration by elastomer pads.  Elastomer pads on the bottom of the support posts further isolate the chassis from vibration.  A highly respected Alps blue velvet volume pot, combined with my favorite hook-up wire combination is all part of the recipe.  I'm thrilled this amplifier will leave my hands and reside in Paris, France.   An amplifier built by an avid audiophile for a fellow audiophile. 

Brigg's Tobacco Can Lamp (Available)

Vintage Briggs pipe tobacco can with a globe shaped LET Edison style bulb.
Dimmer switch on back allows one to set the lumens to their desired brightness.
Vintage style twisted cotton cord and 1940's style plug.
Perfect addition to the man cave.

"Kishore Kumar" R-Type Transformer TPA3116 (Sold to Ashok G. of Lexington, MA)

This TPA3116D2 build has an internal power supply featuring an audiophile quality R type transformer pumping out 19 volts after rectification and 4700uf of extra power supply filtering.   Fully shielded copper input wiring and Kimber TCSS teflon coated, high purity copper output wire.  An Alps blue velvet potentiometer is graced with a machined aluminum knob.   

Edison Lamp (Sold to Glenn A. of Highlands Ranch, CO)

Three candelabra size "Edison" bulbs grace this black textured 7.5"x7.5"x2" aluminum enclosure.
A 1940's vintage working Weston panel meter is encased for decoration.  The warm glow from 
this lamp can be compared to three candles.   A dimmer switch is located on the back, which allows variable amounts of brightness levels.  A vintage style toggle switch on the front powers it up. A one of a kind, handmade lamp.
This same style lamp can be purchased for $225 plus actual shipping charges.

The "Edison" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Michael C. of Kirkland, Washington)

Make your office buddies jealous with this one of a kind amplifier that is as much art sculpture as it is audiophile amplifier.
Lighted sculpture that doubles as a desktop, one input, audiophile quality amplifier.
Edison style hairpin filament lightbulbs with variable dimming my means of the dimmer switch on the top of the amplifier.  (can be turned all the off with the same switch)
Chicken head knob on the left is the amplifier on/off.  Chicken head on the right is the volume control for the TPA3116D2.  35 Watts per channel.  Internal power supply from a high quality EI transformer.
Amplifier is equipped with a fuse and earth ground.  Includes a power cord.
$700 plus shipping.

"Monteverdi" TPA3116D2 with R Type Transformer (Sold to Joel J. of Troy, Michigan)

TPA3116D2 30 watts per channel.  R type transformer & highly regulated internal power supply circuitry.
Cardas solid copper binding posts.  Rean brand gold plated RCA connectors.  Rear mounted rotary switch.  (This amplifier can be left on as it uses tiny bits of electricity at idle)
Alps blue velvet volume potentiometer with large, machined aluminum knob.
Gorgeous sounding amp.

Beta 2 (Sold to Daniel H. of Portland, Oregon)

This amp has an expensive, hand wired, Dale resistor ladder stepped attenuator.
WWII vintage panel meter that functions when the unit is powered up.
Premium gold plated Dayton Audio binding posts and gold plated RCA connectors.

Beta Amp 1 with dual mono TPA3110D2 (Sold to Calvin P. of La Crosse, Wisconsin)

A few extra holes in the bottom plate as this amp was used to beta test a few different circuits.
Dual mono TPA3116D2 circuit boards.  8 watts per channel.  Dayton Audio premium nickel plated binding posts.  Alpha brand volume pot.
Working voltmeter.  Vintage style toggle switch and chicken head volume knob.
$165 plus shipping.

"Fender Tribute" TPA3116D2 Dual Mono amplifier (Sold to Sebastian B. of New York, NY)

A tribute to a legendary guitar maker based in California, USA.
Gorgeous metallic blue finish with genuine chrome plated Fender guitar neck plate and chrome plated Fender guitar knobs.
Insulated, gold plated binding posts.  Rean brand gold plated RCA connectors.
Alpha brand volume potentiometer and Alpha rotary power switch.
Neoprene isolated circuit boards and teflon coated solid copper wire throughout. 
Hand made, one of a kind, with sound that 50+ audiophiles have put their stamp of approval on. 

"Ukelele" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Randy G. of Kihei, Hawaii)

My first amp to make it to Hawaii.  In my haste to get this amplifier shipped out quickly, I neglected to get a photograph of it.  Thank you Randy, the owner of this amp for snapping a photo of it for the blog.  This amplifier was built with an Alps Blue Velvet volume pot.  "Blue/Black" TPA3116 circuit board.   Premium gold plated binding posts and no power switch at Randy's request.
Here is what Randy says about the sound paired with his Omega Super 7 MKII speakers:
"Love the amp, great definition, even at low volumes, low end is solid! My new main and only amp." 

"Art Pepper" Tribute TPA3116D2 Dual Input (Sold to Alton U. of Honolulu, Hawaii)

TPA3116D2 (YJ Blue/Black)
Two inputs selected with front panel mounted toggle switch.
Side mounted, vintage style, heavy duty toggle power switch.
Rean RCA connectors and high quality Connex brand binding posts.
Alpha brand volume pot with shielded copper input wire & teflon insulated copper output wire.
Gorgeous birdseye maple veneer on the faceplate with a faux bakelite knob.
Enclosure is 7.5"x7.5"x2.5"
Amplifier comes with an external power supply.
This amplifier is for sale at Caintuck Audio.   Visit their website at: