"Checkfield" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Richard K. of Las Vegas, NV)

"Blue/Black" TPA3116D2 circuit board.  15 watts per channel with the included power supply.  Connex brand gold plated, nylon insulated binding posts.
REAN brand RCA connectors.  Alps blue velvet volume pot.  Hammond die-cast aluminum enclosure with real exotic wood veneer.  Large, machined aluminum, powder coated volume knob.
Includes a 15V 4.3A power supply.
$225 plus $20 priority mail shipping.

"Dizzy" TPA3116 Dual Mono 3 input (Sold Robert P. of Staten Island, NY)

Loaded up with all the bells and whistles.  Dual Mono TPA3116 amp boards for up to 50 watts per channel.  Premium WBT style solid metal binding posts, three inputs with a boutique audiophile quality Goldpoint selector switch for maximum transparency.   Genuine Peavey guitar chrome plated, machined brass knobs.
Alps blue velvet volume control.  This amp includes a 24V 5A power supply.
Special note:  The volume control on this particular amp is situated on the left side.  The selector switch is on the right side.  This was done to facilitate a shorter signal path to these particular mono circuit boards.  If this is bothersome, this is not the amp for you.
$340 plus $20 priority mail shipping.

"Thelonious" TPA3116D2 Dual Mono (Sold to Ed M. of Woodstock, VT)

Dual Mono TPA3116D2.  Capable of 50 watts per channel.  The fleas have been hitting the gym and doing some serious power lifting.  Connex brand gold plated binding posts.  Rean RCA gold plated connectors, Hammond die-cast enclosure, real exotic wood veneer and vintage bakelite style "stove" knobs.
Rotary switch is on the left and the Alps Blue Velvet control is on the right.
Solid core high purity copper wiring throughout.
As with all of my amps, the circuit boards are supported and insulated from vibration by neoprene rubber pads. 3M rubber pads grace the bottom of the amp for additional vibration isolation.
$210 plus $20 priority mail shipping.

"Mingus" Dual Mono TPA3110D2 (Sold to Jeff T. of Beverly Hills, CA)

Dual TPA3110 mono circuit boards in a single chassis.  Some audiophiles still prefer the TPA3110 over the TPA3116.  It certainly is lovely sounding.  In the BTL configuration, the amp is capable of 30 watts per channel with a 24V power supply.  Around 15 watts per channel with included 12V power supply.
This build features a die-cast aluminum enclosure with excellent EMI & RFI blocking properties.  An Alps Blue Velvet volume pot has buttery smooth rotation.  Other features include, premium WBT style binding posts, gold plated Rean brand RCA inputs, textured black finish and real wood veneer on the front panel.  The rotary power switch and volume control are graced with vintage bakelite style knobs.
$230 plus $20 Priority Mail shipping.  Includes a power supply.

"Sonny Rollins" TPA3118D2 Dual Mono (Sold to Eric S. of Bonita Springs, FL)

Unique, hand made, Dual Mono TPA3118D2.  50 watts per channel.  Alpine white with black top and black bottom.  Die-cast aluminum enclosure for efficient RFI & EMI blocking.  When you hold this amplifier in your hands, it exudes hand made pride of craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Black powder coated solid machined aluminum volume knob. Premium gold plated binding posts.
Rean brand gold plated RCA connectors.  Heavy duty vintage style toggle switch on each side as each mono amp has it's own external power supply. Alps blue velvet volume pot.

"Renbourn" TPA3110 (Available at Caintuck Audio)

TPA3110  Approximately 3 watts into 8 ohms.  
Alpha volume pot.  Premium machined volume knob.  Vintage style toggle switch.
Textured black paint.  Premium machined aluminum volume knob. Audiophile grade wiring.  
Connex brand, gold plated binding posts.  REAN brand gold plated RCA connectors.  Includes external power supply.
In stock at

"Omega Tour" Amp TPA3116D2 (Sold to Michael T. of Addison, IL)

 This amp toured Canada and the United States to be auditioned by Audiocircle Omega Speaker forum members.  You can read comments about the amp in the Omega Speaker forum on Audiocircle. The internals have not been changed, but I have painted the bottom and the top black since the tour.  The Fleawatt badge was also removed for a simple appearance.  Inside is a YJ TPA3116D2.  Alpha volume pot and a combination of Kimber TCSS wire and shielded copper input wire.  Solid metal, gold plated binding posts.
The amplifier includes an external power supply.  $140 plus shipping.

"Jackson" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Michael V of Evergreen, Colorado)

YJ Blue/Black circuit board.  Alps Blue Velvet volume pot.  Connex brand premium binding posts.
REAN gold plated RCA connectors.  Teflon insulated solid core and Kimber TCSS hook-up wire.
Premium machined aluminum volume knob.  Textured black finish.  
$230 plus $20 shipping.  Includes a 12V 5A external power supply.

"Metered Red" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Joshua R. of Louisville, KY)

This is a used, traded-in amp.  The finish has flaws.  No returns.  There is a large scratch (pictured)
and the top has marks on it from something sitting on top of it.  The paint has flaws.  Priced accordingly.  The sound is perfect and the amp has been flea factory approved. 
Equipped with a YJ Blue/Black circuit board.  Alpha volume pot.  1960's vintage working panel meter.  (shows the amp is powered up)  Connex brand gold plated binding posts.  Gold plated RCA connectors.  Large, genuine sorbothane isolation pads on the bottom.   This amp would normally sell north of $200 with the vintage panel meter.   Includes an external power supply.

Liszt TPA3116D2 (Sold to Alan C. of Riverside, California)

Gun ship gray, textured enamel finish.
Hammond die-cast aluminum chassis.   Rotary power switch and Alpha volume pot.
Connex brand gold plated, five-way binding posts.  Rean brand gold plated RCA connectors.
YJ Blue/Black circuit board.   Includes an external power supply.

"Macklemore" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Mike of San Rafael, California)

Equipped with a YJ Blue/Black circuit board & Nichicon power supply capacitors.  Alps Blue Velvet volume pot.  Audiophile quality hook-up wire.  Circuit board isolated with neoprene pads.
Premium WBT style binding posts.  Genuine Fender guitar volume knobs.  Rean brand gold plated RCA connectors.  Rotary power switch.  3M brand enclosure isolation pads. Includes a 14V/4.3 amp power supply.

"Mozart" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Doug S. of Seattle, Washington)

Handcrafted, one of a kind, two input audiophile quality TPA3116D2.
White with black bottom plate.  Die-cast aluminum enclosure.  Audiophile grade Goldpoint brand selector switch.
Alps Blue Velvet volume pot.  WBT style gold plated binding posts.  Rean brand gold plated RCA connectors.   Twisted Teflon insulated high purity copper wire and WBT Silver solder throughout.

"Corea" TPA3116D2 Two Input (Sold to Matt D. of Brooklyn, NY)

Very durable powder coated robin egg blue Hammond die cast aluminum enclosure.
Thick die-cast metal known for it's exceptional EFI and RMI blocking qualities.
Premium Connex brand gold plated binding posts.  Highly regarded audiophile quality Goldpoint dual input selector switch.  Genuine Fender guitar volume knob and selector switch knob.
Teflon insulated wire throughout.

Navy Dual Chip TPA3116D2 (Sold to Mark B. of Bowling Green, OH)

Dual Chip TPA3116D2 amp board.  Blue LED on side indicating power up.  Rotary power switch on left and volume control on right. Polymer insulated gold plated Connex brand binding posts.  Gold plated RCA connectors.  Genuine Fender brand knurled machined brass knobs that are gold plated.  24ct. gold pin striping.   Includes a 15V 4.3amp external power supply.

Harmonicat II TPA3110 (Sold to Mike D. of Washington D.C.)

There are audiophiles that share the opinion that the 3 watt TPA3110 is at the top of the ladder in terms of sound quality among the TPA series of amplifiers.  Many can't take advantage of the sonics of this amplifier due to it's low power output, but for those that only need one watt or two, the TPA3110 is preferred by some owners over multi-thousand dollar tube amplifiers due to it's ultra-quiet background, while still retaining triode like sonic qualities.
The above Fleawatt constructed amplifier has a TKD 2511 volume pot, solid core, teflon coated copper input wire and Kimber TCSS teflon insulated output wire.  The owner uses a 12V battery maintained by a battery tender.  This results in a very quiet background.

TPA3118D2 Mono Block Amplifiers (Sold to Dean M. of Massachusetts)

TPA3118D2 Mono Amplifiers.  30 Watts per channel into 4 ohms with the included 15V dual power supplies.   Premium machined brass, gold plated binding posts.  Teflon insulated solid copper wire and Kimber TCSS teflon insulated wire.  Vintage style power switch.

"Bocelli" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Juan D. of Leandro, CA)

Machined brass, gold plated binding posts.  Brass toggle switch.  Goldpoint three input selector switch.  Gold plated RCA connectors.  Alps Blue Velvet volume pot.  Kimber TCSS pure copper, teflon insulated hook-up wire.  Genuine Fender guitar machined brass, gold plated, knurled volume knob and input selector knob.  
Textured black finish.

"Stevie Nicks" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Toby W. of Oakland Park, Florida)

A highly acclaimed 3116 hand-built, voiced by ear amplifier.  Assembled with audiophile hardware, hook-up wire and attention to detail.
Hammond diecast aluminum enclosure for maximum EFI & RFI blocking.
Gorgeous deep blue metallic enamel paint with silver leafing enamel pinstripes.  Rean brand gold plated RCA connectors.
Connex brand gold plated binding posts.  Smooth and beautiful sounding Alps Blue Velvet volume control.
Audiophile Kimber TCSS pure copper, teflon insulated output wire & teflon insulated copper input wire.  Genuine Fender guitar machined, chrome plated brass volume knobs.
Includes 15V 4.3A external power supply.

"Nakai" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Timothy S. of Bella Vista, Arkansas)

YJ Blue Black circuit board with quality Nichicon brand power supply capacitors.
Precision Electronic Corporation carbon volume pot.  Connex machined brass, gold plated binding posts.  Textured black finish with faux bakelite knob.  Kimber TCSS high purity copper output wire.
Price includes a 15V 4.3amp external power supply.  

"Alpert" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Bill G. of Cranston, RI)

TPA3116D2 with Nichicon power supply capacitors.  Alpha brand volume pot.
WBT style premium gold plated binding posts.  Gold plated RCA connectors and special recipe hook-up wire.  3M brand elastomer isolation pads.  Hammered silver finish.  Vintage style toggle switch and bakelite style volume knob.

"Kater" TPA3116 with Cardas & Alps (Sold to M. in Southern California )

Boutique Audiophile Cardas machined copper, gold and rhodium plated binding posts.
Alps Blue Velvet 50K volume potentiometer.  Gold plated RCA connectors.  Special wire recipe & WTB silver solder.  Real maple veneer & a think diecast metal enclosure. TPA3116D2 circuit board with Nichicon power supply capacitors.

"Harmonicat" TPA3110 (Sold to Mike D. in Washington, DC)

TPA3110 Amplifier.  4 watts of holographic sound.
Premium binding posts.  Premium gold plated RCA connectors. Extremely short low level signal path wiring.  Rubber isolation on both sides of circuit board.
Extremely short power supply wiring with switch deduction.
Hand wet sanded die-cast aluminum with a gloss clear enamel finish.
Teflon coated, solid core twisted signal wire and Kimber Kable TCSS output wiring.
Twisted solid core 14ga. power supply wire.  Genuine 3M isolation pads.

"Holst" Dual Chip TPA3116D2 (Sold to Joshua R. of Louisville, KY)

"Dual Chip"  TPA3116D2.   Alpha brand volume potentiometer.  Bare aluminum chassis.

"Coltrane" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Joshua R. of Louisville, KY)

YJ Blue/Black TPA3116D2.  Connex brand machined, gold plated, solid metal binding posts.
Faux analog meter accent piece.
Wonderful sounding audiophile grade TKD 2511 Volume pot.