Bond Street Tobacco lamp


Vintage Bond Street Pipe Tobacco can
like Dad used to have.  As with all of my lamps, it is 
equipped with a vintage style cloth cord and plug. Dimmer switch and LED bulb allows for just the right ambiance in your man cave.  $50 plus shipping.

Radio Dial Belts Lamp


Vintage Radio Dial Belts store container.  Two smoked glass Edison bulbs in ceramic bases.  Vintage style cloth power cord and plug.  Dimmer switch for complete control over brightness in your man cave.  $125 plus shipping.

Ocean Queen Coffee Lamp


Comes with vintage style cloth cord and plug.  Dimmer switch to finely adjust the brightness of the Edison smoked glass bulb.$50 plus shipping.

Frugal Horn XL with Planet 10 enabled Mark Audio Alpair 10p


I've built nearly twenty pair of speakers over the years.  Many single driver, back loaded horn designs including the Frugal Horn Sachiko, Saburo and numerous Nagaoka Tetsuo models.  The Frugal Horn XL designed by Scott Lindgren is likely the most successful full range, back loaded horn for it's size.  The huge Sachiko double mouth horn, using a Fostex 206e has a larger presentation, but bass is equally as deep with the Alpair 10p in the XL cabinet.  As with most single driver speakers, imaging is spooky real and the signal is incredibly pure with no baffle step correction needed.  I built this pair using Baltic Birch 18mm ply and birch veneer.  Internal wire is Dueland cotton insulated copper.

TPA3116D2 "The In Crowd" Soft Maple (Available)

Deep midnight blue powder coated aluminum enclosure.  Soft Maple faceplate with operating vintage Weston brand panel meter.  
R-Core transformer, regulated, high capacitance power supply, Panasonic OSCON low ESR power supply capacitors.  Jupiter Condenser cotton insulated 6n purity copper output wire.  Shielded copper input wire.  Rubber vibration isolators under the amplifier circuit board.  Rubber enclosure feet.
40 watts into 4 ohms.  20 watts into 8 ohms


ICEpower 50ASX2SE "Rachmaninoff" (available)


Powdercoated aluminum enclosure adorned with a Oak faceplate and vintage Burlington panel meter.
KLE Innovations naked harmony binding posts.  REAN RCA connectors.  Cardas solder throughout and shielded copper wiring.
50 watts per channel - 4 ohms

TPA3116D2 "Eric Coates" Integrated Amplifier (Sold to Ryan J. of Ridge, New York)


Features include a Made in USA aluminum enclosure with gorgeous walnut faceplate and vintage panel meter.   Alps blue velvet volume pot with vintage style knob.  Two inputs with toggle switch.
Shielded Belden brilliance input wire, Nichicon Muse power supply capacitors, PTFE insulated solid core copper output wire, filtered AC IEC, REAN RCA connectors and gold plated five way binding posts.
40 watts into 4 ohms.  20 watts into 8 ohms.

"Storyville” TPA3116D2 (Sold to Sean C. of Sacramento California)


R-Core Transformer, regulated power supply, Dueland cotton insulated hook-up wire, Nichicon KG and Panasonic FC capacitors,
Hickory wood faceplate and vintage General Electric panel meter.

"Kenny Burrell" 5670 Tube Buffered Volume Control (Sold to Scott K. of Ft. Wayne, Indiana)

Kenny Burrel is an American jazz guitarist known for his work on the Blue Note label.   Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan have cited Burrell as an influence.
This two input tube buffered volume control utilizes a GE brand JAN 5670 tube and a Alps blue velvet volume pot.  Adds switching between two inputs and passive volume control with the benefits of tube warmth and bloom.

"Strayhorn" TPA3116D2 Amplifier (Sold to Scott K. of Ft. Wayne, Indiana)


Bobby Strayhorn was an American jazz composer, pianist, lyricist and arranger, best remembered for his long-time collaboration with bandleader and composer Duke Ellington that lasted nearly three decades.
Features of this build include: Made in USA powder coated aluminum enclosure, soft maple wood faceplate with vintage domed shaped glass panel meter, Nichicon Muse power supply capacitors, Jupiter Condenser cotton insulated 4n purity copper output wire, Belden brilliance shielded copper input wire, REAN RCA connectors and Solen brand five way binding posts.  20 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 40 watts per channel into 4 ohms.

"Glenn Gould" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Paul H. of Boca Raton, Florida)


Features include a R-Core transformer, Panasonic FC capacitors, Jupiter Condenser cotton insulated 4N copper output wire and a solid wood faceplate with operational vintage panel meter.

"Fletcher Henderson" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Zachary M. of New York, NY)


TPA3116D2  20 watts 8 ohms - 40 watts 4 ohms
High quality R core transformer.
Nichicon Fine Gold capacitors.
Dueland cotton insulated, copper output wire.
Fully shielded copper input wire.
Neoprene supports under the circuit boards.
Powder coated, made in the USA aluminum enclosure.
Maple wood faceplate with NOS vintage panel meter.
Handmade, one at a time, in Ohio. 

"Buddy Bolden" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Eric K. of Fairview Park, Ohio)

The back of this amp is the same as the "Syndney Bechet" amp below.  The "Buddy Bolden" amp has a solid walnut wood faceplate, black powder coated aluminum enclosure, United States Navy stamped WWII vintage Western Electric panel meter, Schottkey high speed rectifier diodes, Nichicon Muse power supply capacitors, R-Core transformer and Dueland cotton insulated high purity copper output wire.  A one of a kind hand built amplifier that is sure to be an heirloom piece.

"Sydney Bechet" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Mark N. of Shreveport, Louisiana)

Solid Hickory wood faceplate,  black powder coated aluminum enclosure, R-Core transformer, VALAB power supply board with high speed rectifiers, Nichicon Fine Gold capacitors, Dueland cotton insulated high purity copper output wire, vintage Weston panel meter, gold plated hardware.  
A vivid sounding amplifier that will allow you to touch the spirit of the music.

"Rampart Street" TPA3116D2 Integrated Amp (Sold to Michael W. of Livonia, Michigan)

One input integrated.  R-Core transformer, high speed HEXFRED bridge rectifier, audiophile grade Nichicon Fine Gold capacitors, Japan Alps Blue Velvet volume pot, Solen brand binding posts, Neotech PTFE jacket solid core copper output wire.
20 watts into 8 ohms
40 watts into 4 ohms

"Dauphine" TPA3116D2 Integrated Amp (Sold to Paul N. of Vancouver, Washington)

Some of the features of this build include: Machined aluminum enclosure, R-Core Transformer, High Speed Rectifier Diodes, Nichicon Muse capacitors, Dueland output wire, Alps volume pot, REAN RCA connectors, Solen brand gold plated brass binding posts and two inputs.
20 watts into 8 ohms
40 watts into 4 ohms

Mahogany GE TPA3116 (sold to Tom of Maumee, Ohio)

Beautiful mahogany wood faceplate with a U.S. Navy surplus panel meter.  All the usual audiophile bits including Nichicon Fine Gold caps, R core transformer and Jupiter Condenser high purity copper wire.

"Satin Doll" TPA3116D2. (Sold to Scott K. In Ft. Wayne, Indiana)

Solid Maple wood faceplate with working vintage panel meter.   Three inputs with Alps selector switch and Alps volume pot.  Solen gold plated brass binding posts.  REAN RCA connectors.  Belden shielded input wire and Dueland 20ga. cotton insulated copper output wire.  Nichicon Gold Tune and Nichicon Muse capacitors.   Copper shielded, high purity copper R core transformer.  Made in USA black anodized aluminum enclosure.  
Comments from the owner. “It sounds fantastic...and the build quality is insane....I’m sure I’ll be buying from you again.”

"Mood Indigo" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Nathan M. of Cedar City, Utah)

Made in USA aluminum 12"x12"x5" enclosure with working 3.5" vintage Weston micro amperes panel meter. (Needle moves to center when on) This two input TPA3116D2 integrated amplifier sports Nichicon Muse power supply capacitors.   HEXFRED bridge rectifier, copper shielded R-Core transformer,  Alps Blue Velvet volume pot, heavy duty, copper coated brass binding posts, gold plated IEC input connector, fully shielded copper input wire and Dueland brand cotton insulated high purity copper output wire.
40 watts per channel into 4 ohms.

"Bachman Turner Overdrive" TPA3110D2 Dual Mono (Sold to Chip of Bowling Green, Ohio)

Dual Mono TPA3110D2
16 watts per channel into 4 ohms
8 watts per channel into 8 ohms
Genuine Mahogany veneer faceplate with operating vintage United States Signal Corps panel meter.
Textured, black painted aluminum enclosure,  gold plated heavy duty binding posts, R core tranformer, HEXFRED bridge rectifier, Nichicon Gold Tune power supply capacitors, teflon insulated solid copper power wire, and Dueland brand cotton insulated high purity copper output wire.

Black Walnut TPA3116D2 (Sold to Jordan B. of Huntertown, Indiana)

11"x8.5" Approximately 20 watts per channel into 8 ohm.  40 watts into 4 ohms.
Built with an oversized R core transformer, HEXFRED high speed bridge rectifier, Nichicon gold tune and Nichicon fine gold power supply capacitors, Jupiter Condenser cotton insulated high purity copper output wire, heavy duty gold plated binding posts, REAN gold plated RCA connectors,
side mounted heavy duty power switch and real walnut veneer accent on the front panel.
Feedback from owner: "What a fantastic amp and value! I hooked it up in my main system which utilizes extremely expensive full range horns (Avant-Garde) and the little Fleawatt amp was competitive with much more expensive amps I have on hand."

Fleawatt "Crystal Current" TPA3116D2 Integrated Amplifier(Sold to Neville in Novi, Michigan)

Built in December 2019.  This build includes an extra large R-Core transformer with a large capacitance regulated power supply, Elna Silmic II power supply capacitors, Alps blue velvet volume pot, AC input filter, machined brass Fender guitar knobs, gold plated connectors, Jupiter Condenser cotton insulated high purity copper output wire, fully shielded copper input wire and a working vintage panel meter.

Owner Comments:  "Just got the amp and connected it up to my Omega speakers. The sound is smooth and clean...the way I like it. Thanks for building the amp."

"Par-Metal" two input TPA3116D2 Integrated Amplifier (Sold to Ron B. of Redwood City, California)

Made in the USA 12"x12"x4.25" Par-Metal brand aluminum enclosure, working vintage analog panel meter, two inputs with rear panel mounted toggle selector switch, R Core transformer with LT1083 regulated DC power supply, IEC AC Filter,  1000uf 25V Elna Silmic II power supply capacitors, Alps Blue Velvet volume pot, gold plated hardware, Jupiter Condenser Company cotton insulated, high purity copper output wiring, and fully shielded Belden Brilliance input wire.
Approximately 20 watts per channel into 8 ohms.
Approximately 40 watts per channel into 4 ohms.

Walnut & Wine TPA3116D2 (Sold to Mani in Kansas City, MO)

This build includes Elna Silmic II power supply capacitors, real walnut veneer, Alps Blue Velvet volume potentiometer,  Jupiter Condenser Corp cotton insulated 6N high purity wire,  neoprene circuit board isolation, gold plated connectors and an external power supply.

Two Input TPA3116D2 (Sold to John B. of Anaheim, California)

This amplifier was built with a large EI Transformer, Elna Silmic II power supply capacitors throughout, Jupiter Condenser cotton insulated 6N copper output wiring, Belden Brilliance input wire, audiophile quality Solen & Rean brand gold plated connectors and an Alps Blue Velvet volume pot.  This aluminum enclosure was a "test mule" enclosure for various parts I've tried together over the last three or four years, making it a "B" stock amp now in it's final iteration.
Just as a Chef must tweak a recipe and find high quality ingredients that work well together, amplifier outcome can benefit from similar experimentation.   Alas, a great sounding mixture of ingredients develops into a delicious sounding amplifier.