"Corea" TPA3116D2 Two Input (Sold to Matt D. of Brooklyn, NY)

Very durable powder coated robin egg blue Hammond die cast aluminum enclosure.
Thick die-cast metal known for it's exceptional EFI and RMI blocking qualities.
Premium Connex brand gold plated binding posts.  Highly regarded audiophile quality Goldpoint dual input selector switch.  Genuine Fender guitar volume knob and selector switch knob.
Teflon insulated wire throughout.

Navy Dual Chip TPA3116D2 (Sold to Mark B. of Bowling Green, OH)

Dual Chip TPA3116D2 amp board.  Blue LED on side indicating power up.  Rotary power switch on left and volume control on right. Polymer insulated gold plated Connex brand binding posts.  Gold plated RCA connectors.  Genuine Fender brand knurled machined brass knobs that are gold plated.  24ct. gold pin striping.   Includes a 15V 4.3amp external power supply.

Harmonicat II TPA3110 (Sold to Mike D. of Washington D.C.)

There are audiophiles that share the opinion that the 3 watt TPA3110 is at the top of the ladder in terms of sound quality among the TPA series of amplifiers.  Many can't take advantage of the sonics of this amplifier due to it's low power output, but for those that only need one watt or two, the TPA3110 is preferred by some owners over multi-thousand dollar tube amplifiers due to it's ultra-quiet background, while still retaining triode like sonic qualities.
The above Fleawatt constructed amplifier has a TKD 2511 volume pot, solid core, teflon coated copper input wire and Kimber TCSS teflon insulated output wire.  The owner uses a 12V battery maintained by a battery tender.  This results in a very quiet background.

TPA3118D2 Mono Block Amplifiers (Sold to Dean M. of Massachusetts)

TPA3118D2 Mono Amplifiers.  30 Watts per channel into 4 ohms with the included 15V dual power supplies.   Premium machined brass, gold plated binding posts.  Teflon insulated solid copper wire and Kimber TCSS teflon insulated wire.  Vintage style power switch.

"Bocelli" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Juan D. of Leandro, CA)

Machined brass, gold plated binding posts.  Brass toggle switch.  Goldpoint three input selector switch.  Gold plated RCA connectors.  Alps Blue Velvet volume pot.  Kimber TCSS pure copper, teflon insulated hook-up wire.  Genuine Fender guitar machined brass, gold plated, knurled volume knob and input selector knob.  
Textured black finish.

"Stevie Nicks" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Toby W. of Oakland Park, Florida)

A highly acclaimed 3116 hand-built, voiced by ear amplifier.  Assembled with audiophile hardware, hook-up wire and attention to detail.
Hammond diecast aluminum enclosure for maximum EFI & RFI blocking.
Gorgeous deep blue metallic enamel paint with silver leafing enamel pinstripes.  Rean brand gold plated RCA connectors.
Connex brand gold plated binding posts.  Smooth and beautiful sounding Alps Blue Velvet volume control.
Audiophile Kimber TCSS pure copper, teflon insulated output wire & teflon insulated copper input wire.  Genuine Fender guitar machined, chrome plated brass volume knobs.
Includes 15V 4.3A external power supply.