My Wife's Fleawatt Desktop Stereo

My wife Carrie, who supports my diy audio hobby 100%,  has been seeing quite a few desktop stereos leave the factory lately.  "When are you going to build me one?", she inquired.   With her significant input and assistance in the design, this Fleawatt powered desktop stereo was born.  The fabric color was chosen to match her office at work, where it will reside.  This particular stereo is powered with a TPA3110 5 watt per channel Class D amplifier.  The speakers are neodymium magnet equipped Tang Band, audiophile full range speakers.  A 1/8" mini plug and dc connector are mounted on the rear panel.   Thanks for supporting my hobby Carrie & Happy Valentines Day!


Carrie Sanderson said...

I LOVE it Buddy! Thank you so much! It is beautiful and sounds awesome! I hogged it today, but tomorrow I plan on showing more people. Get ready for orders!!!
Guys, show your wives! I just plug my Mac into it, or my iphone. Great sound! Cute-I got to pick the frame and fabric. Going to have Derek make one for my horse loving preteen...with a rustic frame and maybe leather, or a horseshoe print. The design possibilities are endless!

C. Sanderson (Derek's better half)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the inspiration!
Here is my tube version