Kurt's Fleawatt Desktop System

This was a commissioned build for my friend & fellow audiophile, Kurt, who lives in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  The amplifier and speakers will be used with his laptop as a desktop system.  The Class D TPA3110 amplifier is encased in a round wooden "box".  The amplifier is powered by AA batteries under the chassis, on top of the cradle.  Easily accessible.   A DC input connector was placed on the back panel to allow the use of a AC to DC power pack should he decide to forego the battery power.   The amplifier is equipped with a power switch, volume control and mini input to connect to a laptop, phone or iPod/iPhone.  Gold plated, audiophile quality binding posts & solid walnut cradles complete the package.   The speakers are 3" Tang Band, neodymium magnet, audiophile full range speakers.  The speaker cabinets are also veneer thin tube boxes.  They have absolutely gorgeous tone combined with the Tang Band speakers.