Fleawatt Class D TPA3122D2

This 15 watt per channel Philips TPA3122D2 IC is a step forward from a Tripath based chip.  Deeper and tighter bass, better imaging, black background and incredibly accurate musical timbre.
This particular board has direct speaker wire terminals and RCA connections at the printed circuit board!  No binding posts, no signal wiring from the RCA inputs to the volume pot and from the volume pot to the board.  All of that, which is susceptible to EMI and RFI interference, is eliminated!  The most direct signal path possible and the pinnacle of design for those of us who want the purest sound possible.  This amplifier can be powered by and 12 volt or 24 volt DC power supply.  Sealed Lead Acid batteries are the preference among my fellow fleas.   This particular amplifier has upgraded Elna Silmic II capacitors mounted under the board.   There is a hole in the box lid under the circuit board to permit the mounting of the board.