Kimber Kable TCSS & Goldpoint TPA3116 (Sold to Robert P. in Staten Island, NY)

Wired with Kimber Kable TCSS 19 gauge wire & two inputs with an audiophile grade Goldpoint selector switch.  Genuine Alps Blue Velvet (reputable source) volume potentiometer with exceptional channel matched tolerances.  WBT silver solder throughout.  Rubber isolation grommets on both sides of the circuit board.  Heavy, machined, brass plated Fender volume knobs.  Gold plated RCA connectors & five-way binding posts.  Real Maple wood veneer.  14K gold accent striping.   Solid Die-Cast aluminum chassis for RFI & EMI blocking.  3M rubber isolation pads on the bottom.   An amplifier's resultant sound is a sum of it's parts.

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