Green, Gold & Maple TPA3116D2 (Sold to Todd S. of North Andover, Massachusetts)

This three input TPA3116D2D amplifier was built with a Gold Point input selector switch, Alps Blue Velvet potentiometer, Kimber Kable TCSS hook-up wire, WBT Silver solder,  Premium binding posts, Genuine Fender solid machined knobs, neoprene circuit board isolation, 3M brand rubber isolation pads, 24kt. gold pin striping, real maple veneer, a solid die-cast aluminum chassis for RFI and EMI blocking and a vintage style brass plated power switch.

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Todd S said...

Many thanks to Derek for doing this. When my current integrated, an LFD Mk V, started to have an issue, I put in another Fleawatt amp I had. As I wrote to Derek, it is just silly good for the price. I asked if it was possible to make a multi-input version, and we (he) worked out specs and design.

Visually, the result is beautiful as seen in the pictures. And sound-wise, it plays great music. I found that an upgraded PS (Teddy Pardo 12V/5A) makes a positive difference, but it still sounds great with the smaller brick PS.

It's very tough to quantify an improvement of one unit over another, but I'd say this gets a fairly high percent of the (fantastic) LFD sound, for less than 1/10th the cost! Yes, the difference in noticeable, but the music from Fleawatt amp is just so enjoyable that I'm not terribly missing the LFD.

Again, many thanks for the willingness to do this, and the great-looking and -sounding amp!