SSR (Short Signal Path) TPA3116D2 (Sold to Jeff T. of Sherman Oaks, California)


This amplifier was built with sonics as a priority.  Everything was laid out for the Shortest Signal Path possible.   Internal wiring can act as antenna, picking up radio frequency interference & electrical magnetic interference, which can add distortion to the delicate original signal.  The shorter the length, the better.  My favorite volume potentiometer, a VALAB stepped attenuators, using made in Japan 1% tolerance KOA resistors was used in this build.  Only two audiophile quality resistors in the signal path.  This hand made volume pot is the most open and transparent I've heard.   I sprung for the $40 a pair WBT style gold plated, solid brass binding posts.  These are very heavy, solid and I believe contribute to the excellent sound of this amp.  The DC power connector and switch were placed on the side, which keeps the power bus wiring to be less than two inches in length.  The circuit board is suspended from the top of the chassis on neoprene washers for additional isolation.  Elastomer isolation pads adorn the bottom plate.   The chassis is a die-cast solid aluminum with a natural, brushed finish.  There is no clear coat on it for a natural aluminum patina.  A solid aluminum volume knob and Fleawatt placard finishes it off.  

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