Fleaburned Alps Blue Velvet TPA3116 (Sold to Joshua R. of Louisville, KY)

Yuan Jing TPA3116 2.0 "black board".  Board mounted on neoprene isolators.  Gold plated, insulated five way binding posts.  Gold plated RCA connectors.  Solid, brushed aluminum volume knob.  Nickel plated, vintage style toggle switch.   Teflon coated, twisted, solid core copper wiring.  WBT silver solder.  Real maple wood veneer with burned logo.  The wood is coated with a clear matte acrylic.  A highly regarded Alps Blue Velvet pot was used in this build.   The aluminum chassis is untreated and can be periodically polished or let go for a natural patina.  Elastomer isolation feet on the bottom.

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