Fleawatt TPA3116D2 "GigaHurts" (Sold to Bill I. in Cortland, Ohio)

I bought this used RF High Frequency (gigahertz) shielded in-line amplifier box off Fleabay.
It was re-purposed into an audiophile amplifier.  It was primed and painted a very dark textured brown.  The fins were enameled copper and the copper pipe & wire accents were added.  The photos are dark, but there is a black powder coated, solid brass volume knob on the front.  Black machined aluminum spikes adorn the bottom of the amp.
Inside is a TPA3116D2 amplifier board which is good for about 35 watts per channel depending on how much voltage one feeds it.

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airshot said...

Good Lord, I am truly impressed. At first I thought that you had made the chassis, but it is even better than that, you repurposed a chassis. Excellent idea. I have done the same with cigar boxes, and it makes every creation anew.