"Gary Numan" TPA3116D2 Integrated Amp (Sold to Steve H. of Brodhead, Wisconsin)

R Type transformer.  Audiophile quality Nichicon Muse and Elna Silmic power supply capacitors.
Real oak wood and aluminum enclosure.  Premium gold plated binding posts.
Jupiter brand cotton insulated 4N solid core copper output wire.
Rear mounted DACT style volume pot.  
Working 1950's vintage Hewlett Packard panel meter. (Sweeps to center upon power up)
Note:  The aluminum used to make this enclosure is very soft.  It has a distressed look, but also has deeper scratches in various places that occurred during construction.   Still, it's a very cool looking amp.  13.5"wide x 10"deep x 4" Tall
20 watts per channel into 8 ohms.  40 watts into 4 ohms.
$400 plus shipping.   

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