ESS Technology ES9028PRO DAC (Sold to Mark of Woodridge, IL)

SPDIF/Coaxial input only.  Top of the line ES9028PRO DAC chip with unreal signal to noise levels.
Please do some reading on the 9028PRO for additional details on it's design and development.
24/196 via digital coaxial input.  I use a M2Tech converter for USB input.   Unbalanced and balanced outputs.   Enclosure is generic "Breeze Audio", but is made for this new 9028 board.  I've done the work assembling this DAC using a high quality pre-stuffed circuit board,  R core transformer and  gold plated Neutrik hardware.  This might be the least expensive, plug and play 9028PRO on the market at the moment.  This DAC sounds gorgeous, with tons of heft in the bass.
Extremely pure, black backgrounds.  8 selectable filters and + - gain on the front panel.
High quality parts used in this build, including Nichicon capacitors and a R core transformer.
LED display is bright blue in color.  (not lit in photographs)

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