"Gerry Mulligan" TPA3116D2 (Sold to Chris C. in Littleton, Colorado)

Have you read all the superlatives regarding the TPA3116D2 chip amps?
Imagine what one sounds like mated with high quality or even boutique audiophile parts!
This amplifier was built with a R core transformer, 1000uf Nichicon Muse capacitors in the power supply, Belden Brilliance shielded copper input wiring, boutique Jupiter cotton insulated 4N purity copper output wire, solid-core copper power supply wiring, DACT style stepped attenuator that uses high tolerance SMD resistors, Solen brand gold plated binding posts and Neutrik gold plated RCA connectors.   This amplifier has the circuit board mounted on a 3/4" thick piece of maple, affixed with brass hardware.   
$400 plus shipping.  Lifetime Warranty.

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