The Ravel (Sold to Guillaume B. of Paris, France)

This amplifier is hand crafted with high quality audiophile components throughout, including gold plated, solid copper binding posts.  A well regulated power supply is set to the voltage I feel produces the most tube like sound from the TPA3116D2.  Listening tests have led me to choose a particular R type transformer that I feel sounds the best with the 3116.  The circuit boards used in this amp are insulated from vibration by elastomer pads.  Elastomer pads on the bottom of the support posts further isolate the chassis from vibration.  A highly respected Alps blue velvet volume pot, combined with my favorite hook-up wire combination is all part of the recipe.  I'm thrilled this amplifier will leave my hands and reside in Paris, France.   An amplifier built by an avid audiophile for a fellow audiophile. 

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