Harmonicat II TPA3110 (Sold to Mike D. of Washington D.C.)

There are audiophiles that share the opinion that the 3 watt TPA3110 is at the top of the ladder in terms of sound quality among the TPA series of amplifiers.  Many can't take advantage of the sonics of this amplifier due to it's low power output, but for those that only need one watt or two, the TPA3110 is preferred by some owners over multi-thousand dollar tube amplifiers due to it's ultra-quiet background, while still retaining triode like sonic qualities.
The above Fleawatt constructed amplifier has a TKD 2511 volume pot, solid core, teflon coated copper input wire and Kimber TCSS teflon insulated output wire.  The owner uses a 12V battery maintained by a battery tender.  This results in a very quiet background.

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