"Ellington" TPA3116D2 Espresso & Gold (Sold to Samuel C. in Washington D.C.)

Why name these amps?  
I regularly get e-mails from fellow audiophiles regarding features and finishes.  Naming the amps is an easy way to refer back to them in the future.
This one is named after my favorite big band jazz orchestra leader, Duke Ellington.  Of course he was an amazing composer and pianist as well.  This amplifier is equipped with a Made in Toronto, Canada PEC volume pot.  The circuit board is a Yuan Jing "Danzz" TPA3116.  Shielded signal wire and Kimber TCSS audiophile wire on the outputs.  Nichicon power supply capacitors.  A genuine brass plated Fender guitar knob & vintage style brass plated toggle switch adorn the front panel.  Quality gold plated binding posts and Neutrik gold plated RCA's on the back panel.  The amplifier comes with your choice of a 12V external power supply or power cord to use with a linear power supply.
Follow up:  11/12/15  My wife and I had a two hour listening session with this amplifier tonight.  We both fell in love with the sound of this one.  The PEC volume pots don't have the smoothest rotation, but they sure help to make gorgeous music.

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