Walnut Brass & Black Valab TPA3116 (Sold to Eric P. of Frisco, Texas)

Hand made, one of a kind.  Textured black enamel paint, walnut veneer and brass accents.  Solid machined brass volume knob.
This amp has the power switch in the back to facilitate shorter power supply wiring.
Equipped with a VALAB brand stepped attenuator.  The Valab stepped attenuators use Japan made KOA 1/4W 1% 25ppm precision resistors.  Only two resistors in the signal path.  This is the most open & revealing volume pot I've sampled.   As with all my amps, teflon coated solid core copper is used for all the signal wiring.  3M brand elastomer bump-on's on the bottom of the solid die-cast aluminum chassis.  The circuit board is supported by neoprene isolation washers.
This amp uses the Yuan Jing TPA3116 D2 2.0 "black" circuit board, which is the better sounding version.

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