1949 GE Milligauss Meter TPA3116D2 (Sold to Frank in Streetsboro, Ohio)

1949 Vintage operational Bakelite General Electric United States Navy marked milligauss meter.  Needle sweeps to +20 milligauss on power up.  This is a very unique, hard to find vintage meter.   Die-cast aluminum chassis finished in a hammered silver enamel.  Vintage style power switch and reproduction bakelite volume knob.    Gold plated five-way binding posts & gold plated RCA connectors.   Power is made by the Yuan-Jing "blue/black board" TI TPA3116D2.   A 12 volt/5amp external power supply is included.  Internal signal wiring is Belden shielded stranded copper.  Output wiring is twisted, teflon insulated solid core copper.

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Joe Smith said...

Love the look of this one with the vintage meter! Also the "Bare Bones" model.