Zenith Model 7-S-363 (Converted for Drew in Oxford, MI)

My best friend asked me if I would convert his non-working 1939 Zenith Model 7-S-363 into a modern stereo that he and his children can enjoy with their iPhone and iPod sources.   My pal and I met in Ann Arbor, Michigan for the weekend and he handed over his Zenith to spend a few weeks in the Fleawatt Factory.   The old components were gutted and a 12 volt powered 3122 Class D stereo amplifier was installed in the old chassis, along with an extended shaft 100K volume pot and new 12 volt dial lamps.   Two audiophile quality Wild Burro Betsy 8" full range drivers were installed on a new speaker baffle board, replacing the 10" Zenith field coil driver.   A small toggle switch was installed on the right side of the console and a 6 foot mini plug equipped cable connects to sources.    Scratches and scrapes were stained and the finish was given a cleaning.  The dial glass gasket had completely dried out and crumbled.  A new one was ordered and installed.  We decided not to replace the broken selector buttons as that would have added major cost to the project with no functional value.   How does it sound?  Great!  It puts out some serious sound and can fill a house with music.  

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