TPA3116 Integrated Amplifier with Cardas bits (Sold to Jake J.)


This commissioned integrated amplifier, with rear mounted Alps blue velvet potentiometer was built in 2020.  The recipe includes many boutique Cardas brand audiophile quality parts.  These parts include Cardas machined solid copper binding posts, Cardas RCA connectors, Cardas teflon insulated high purity copper output wire, Nichicon and Panasonic capacitors, Alps blue velvet volume potentiometer.  Western Electric panel meter adorns the walnut faceplate and sweeps to the center when the amplifier is powered on.  The amplifier was upgraded in 2022 with my current reference, a high purity copper EI style transformer.   The audiophile who owned this amplifier traded it in toward an amplifier with a different meter and faceplate.  This formerly owned amplifier is listed for sale on US Audiomart.

16x16x5.5 enclosure

20 watts into 8 ohms 40 watts into 4 ohms

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