KrappyKables Interconnects


It’s always exciting to discover a piece of audio gear that doesn’t just result in a different flavor of sound, but takes one’s system to the next level of musical enjoyment.  After thirty years in the hobby, this is quite a rare occurrence.

Inserting a pair of KrappyKable interconnects into my system, I had that exact exciting experience.  Using my Fostex FF165K equipped Frugal Horn XL’s and one of my TPA3116 amplifiers, I was gobsmacked by the bass response improvements over my previous two reference interconnects!  Not only was the bass deeper, but it was tight and tuneful.  Midrange was as hauntingly real as my previous cables with perhaps a bit more separation between instruments.  The bass response alone had me sold on these as my new reference.  I’m looking forward to trying out their speaker cables in the future. Link below for more information.


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